Website Contents: Web Traffic Sources for Internet Marketing Blogs


Why are quality website contents important for the success of your website?

Your internet marketing website needs good quality content to survive. Good quality website contents are a traffic vessel for your business blog.

Importance of Quality Website Contents to Internet Marketers

Creating a quality website contents that provide valuable information is the unfailing proven key to run successful internet marketing. Good useful content is a conservative way to build online business website to optimum income generating level. I belt it, if your top priority is circled around interesting and user engaging content for your website, you can’t go wrong.

Lot of repeated efforts are wasted by many content marketers who aggressively focused on search engine over-optimised, keyword stuffed spamming contents to deceive the search engines. In the long run, those website pages are guilty of failing content and go down into sandbox.

Frustration mounts upon frustration as the site delivers nothing. Nothing to the readers and recurring headache to the website owner.

It is not surprising the content marketers become the internet king and website content writing service (copywriting) a lucrative online business.

The best way to build well optimised website content is to be natural both in creating and in presenting your information to potential readers.

Why do you have to be natural?

You want to market your products and services to real ‘human being’ and not search engine. Search engine has nothing to offer you except website traffic.

You murmured. Traffic, traffic, what else do I need if not high traffic?

Of course you are right. Traffic is very important. But you need much more. After all, you don’t need useless illusive website traffic.

Quality Website Contents Generate Targeted Traffic

You need convertible, targeted website traffic that good quality contents bring, not failed killing traffic.

“Poor content brings failed web traffic, the traffic that never converts. In contrast, good quality original content results to high traffic that converts and retains readers.”


If your content fails consumers and favours search engine (only at the initial stage as poor content never satisfy search engine), you end up in illusive traffic.

Such website traffic will never bring a penny to its creator aside frustration. The traffic that results in annoying and unsatisfied internet users. Those readers never convert to prospects and chance of becoming customers to your offers isn’t more than a mirage.

Why? Because they don’t consume your marketing content in the first instance. Readers consume only quality engaging content. You win when your content is consumed by prospects.

Sound frustrating! It’s a bitter true I have to say. Imagine the worst part of it, the false friendship you created with search engine  with the keyword stuffed content will soon break up.

Asking me how?

Search engine algorithm is smart and shall soon realise that users dislike your content. You’ve made the search engine failed because it failed to deliver useful content to its users. Whose fault? Who created the content?

Put yourself in the position of the search engine. It failed by sending traffic to your hurriedly prepared website contents. It has no other option than to re-establish its integrity by withdrawing its traffic.

You might lose at both ends if you chase search engine optimisation (SEO) at the expense of your readers.

“Don’t be surprised, search engines have feedback metrics to understand whether or not your website users are satisfied with the resources presented to them. It is about content users experience.”


Google uses:

  • Bounce rate:  A measure of how engaged users are on your website.
  • Visitors’ behaviour
  • Social influence of your website content
  • Returning versus new website visit and many more

Google hates one thing among others: ‘Google gives your site traffic and you return the traffic to Google.’ What does this mean?

Your content comes up in Google search results and a user clicked on your well crafted beautiful headline. Before she opened her eyes, she sighted shabby, poor, inhumane content page. She was annoyed with the content and quickly clicked the back button to Google. This tells Google crawler that:

“You didn’t give the information I  need”



Google quickly lowers your content page down some steps for that search queries. If the circle persists, what happens? The content page is trending the path to sandbox. Let me emphasise this

“Think search engine before you start your content, forget it when you are preparing the content. Let the thought flows naturally as if you are physically addressing global audience. At the end though, think of SEO as an added advantage to your readers and not for SERPs high position. How? Think SEO for your readers to find the useful, search engine friendly content you’ve written.”


Good Website Contents Save You and Your Website from Search Engine Update Penalties

Save yourself and your business website from future search engine algorithm update penalties by having good quality content.

English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure if you fall among those who had created content for search engine and/or engaged in aggressive linkbaiting in the past before Google Penguin update, you probably might have considered content re-write and/or backlinks removal (link audit). Of course, I can’t blame you. Everyone had fallen in that trap one time or the other. Did I say everyone? Nearly all of us did.

It doesn’t end there

Who knows what other update is coming up from search engine to penalize over-optimised web contents. Today update, tomorrow penalties and site redesign with link removal.

Why do we waste such valuable time?

I recall a friend who’s still working to get his website back. The site has more than 500 content  pages made for robot. Each page was over-optimised. Much more on his shoulders are several hundreds poor killing backlinks he had struggled to acquire over the years. Trying link removal !

You want to get people to your site. Don’t worry, here is a simple approach with one-time effort.

Quality Website Contents Give Your Website Viral Traffic, Quality Backlinks and Social Sharing

Quality content gives your website ‘viral’ traffic that attracts loyal readers,  quality  backlinks and enormous social sharing.

One thing I emphasised is ‘ building sustainable online business’, not online marketing that yields instantaneous income, growth and falls to the baseline within the twinkle of eyes.

What is the essence of getting your content to the first page of Google for your target keyword and be nowhere in a moment not as a result of Google dance but because of unethical SEO tricks.

“Good quality contents amount to long-term safe link building strategies”


Yes, good quality content, I mean the content that provides people’s need and solves problems. Such website contents result in viral traffic because  people love linking to the contents and share them on their social pages.

Google crawler places value on number and quality of external links to your website content and social share the content received. This is because it measures human judgement and no authority page will link to poor content. Nobody neither like to be associated to and share poor content.

The more the quality backlinks and social sharing your content receives, the more authoritative and natural the content look in Google sight and the more you move up SERPs. Your ranking increases, content becomes more popular and the website traffic skyrockets.

Believe me, what good quality contents do extends beyond that. What percentage of your website traffic the returning visitors constitute?


Quality Website Contents Promote Returning Visitors

How many sites you personally revisit recurrently and why? I’m far from being wrong. You revisit those web contents because they serve your interest and solve problems.

You might get to know the sites through search engines or social media. Now you visit the site directly or through a link on webmasters autoresponder email (email marketing). Suppose you weren’t satisfied with the content, will you call back? Could you’ve given your email for future notification? I’m sure you can’t.

“When you create useful site contents that keep returning visitors, Google get to know and give a better webpage score that reflects in the organic traffic, ranking and authority.”


Quality Website Contents Build business Reputation

Successful internet marketing website requires reputable personality around it. Quality content seamlessly shows your authority and professionalism. It builds your website reputation. The website that pulls loyal readers

“To make sale, there is a need for loyal audience. People buy from people they know and trust. Make your content presells. Give it utmost attention.”


I’m not saying you don’t need to figure out SEO for your internet marketing website content. We all need SEO for our contents. Nobody desires to build original user-friendly content that is neither noticed nor read by internet users. There is a need to do SEO for your content to get more readers for your website and benefit from wide content reachability advantage.

The key is:

“Interesting, engaging, user-friendly, search engine optimised content, a content that is neither over-optimised nor stuffed with excessive keywords”


‘Content is king’ is an old evergreen saying that is becoming truer day by day. Experience, as well, has proven the fact.

“If you think quality content as the King, think SEO as the partner Queen. Forget about the short-cut and unethical content tricks. Build and anchor your SEO strategies around useful, quality content.”


To sum it up, good quality content is important for your long term quality, targeted organic traffic and the success of your online business as a whole.

  • Quality content gives you convertible, targeted traffic that never fails
  • Good quality content gives your website authority backlinks and high social shares that result to viral traffic.
  • Good quality content saves your business website from search engine algorithm update penalties.
  • Quality content persistently gives your site returning visitors.
  • Useful original content builds you and your website reputation which on the other hand leads to recurrent sales.
  • High quality contents build your website ranking, place you high in organic SERPs.

As for me, I use 80/20 rule. While SEO takes 20% of my attention, 80% of it is attached to good quality website contents because I know ‘content is king’ and also believe that user engaging content is part of sustainable SEO.

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