Traffic Formula: How to Attract Traffic To Your Website

Over a couple of week now I received several questions as “how to attract traffic to my website”, How do I attract traffic to my blog for free? And all sorts of traffic questions from my blog readers.

How to Attract Traffic To Your Website

Website Traffic Generation Technique

Though I gave the response as much as I know and I wish to share with this blog post how to attract traffic to your website for free. Traffic is the soul and blood of websites of all sorts. The vision to run a successful website without traffic is just an illusion.

The more the people you can get to visit your website, the higher the money generating potential of the website. Traffic generation to a website isn’t a rocket science. It is just a matter of finding the best system that yields the most results and act upon the system consistently until your website attains “snowball of traffic” when it keeps on generating traffic by itself.

This article entitled “traffic Formula: How to Attract Traffic To Your Website” gives easy steps you can take to attract instant traffic to your website or blog. Just as simple as it is though, it can be daunting at the beginning when the result doesn’t seem to come out. Don’t give up. It takes time to build a steady and consistent amount of web traffic for a website. Key elements to website traffic generation are:

  • Employ all the RIGHT methods to generate traffic.
  • Track the result of each of the effort and time used for each of the traffic generation techniques.
  • Give room for time to ensure each of the traffic generation methods is ripe enough for decision-making.
  • Compare the results, effort and time for each of the techniques.
  • Drill down the result analysis using 80/20 rules and choose technique most appropriate for your business model (niche) and website.

At the initial stage, you do everything at your disposal to generate traffic to your newly lunched website. You then sieve the methods to get the best technique.


Website Traffic Generation Methods

There are generally two methods to get instant website traffic:

  1. Paid Traffic System (Advertising via PPC, PPA etc)
  2. Free traffic generation system

In this article, I’m going to look at free targeted website traffic generation methods. That is, free traffic generation method. Don’t forget I said, you need to track the result of your time, effort and results yielded to know which traffic generation techniques well suited for you and be given utmost priority in the long run.

How To Attract Traffic To Your Website Without Spending a Dime

Below are free traffic building techniques to drive instant traffic to your website.

  1. Build and equip your website with value
  2. Search engine optimisation
  3. Article marketing
  4. Press release
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Video marketing
  7. Forum marketing/posting
  8. Guest blogging
  9. Linkbaiting
  10. Email marketing/autoresponder
  11. Contextual link from high traffic generating website
  12. Creating more landing pages with quality content
  13. Blog commenting/posting
  14. Affiliate set up

Traffic Formula One: Equip and Build Your Website With Value

Valuable website has traffic attraction potential. Generating traffic to a website means marketing the website to potential readers and users. So traffic generation is a form of marketing. This implies that your website must add value to people to whom the marketing is targeted. The primary purpose of a website is to serve readers and researchers with valuable information. A website that fails to deliver just that has failed from onset.

Build your website with useful quality contents that are user-friendly and engaging to generate persistent traffic.

And you can’t rule out the aesthetic appearance of the website you want to market. The first impression remains very long. The design and appearance of your website need to be appealing to generate useful amount of traffic with recurring returning visitors.

Pay attention to good feel and touch of your site. This is achieved through a well designed, easily readable website with aesthetic appearance that appeals its users.


Traffic Formula Two: Generate Perpetual Traffic Through SEO

It is vitally important to ensure that contents your website delivers is search engine friendly while retaining readers engaging features to get massive traffic results. All the website contents including images, video, text, ebooks should be fully optimised for search engine. The SEO is going to be an essential ingredient to make your contents reachable and organic traffic driven.

The ingredients for organic search engine traffic include

Keyword research: Look for the appropriate query terms that online users employ to get the information, services or products which serve their need. A number of keyword research tools are available online. You may consider free Google keyword planner with your adwords account to know what keyword people use and optimise for it.

People search the same information with different keywords/terms. Don’t base your judgement on guessed work. Use keyword tools to get the terms that are used frequently by most information searchers

Keyword Placement: Keyword placement is an important on-page SEO to generate free organic traffic. Put the keywords of the page in the following

  • Title tag
  • Meta tag
  • Meta description
  • content body
  • Alt tag of the images
  • Page name (page address).

“While it is important to optimise your page for the researched keyword. Never get your content overstuffed  with keywords. Keyword-stuffed contents mar not only website but also author expert reputation.”

Traffic Formula Three: Website Generation Technique Through Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form of marketing in which an author/webmaster writes a unique article on article directories for the purpose of promoting their websites. Though not as effective or valuable as it is used to be, article marketing is a great way to build backlinks to your website.

If article submission is done properly, it can effectively enhance organic search result position and traffic generation to your website.
Common article directories are


Traffic Formula Four: Attract Web Traffic To Your Content Through Press Release

Press release to search engine friendly press release website increases content feasibility and visitors to your website. Online press release resembles offline traditional press release. It is a channel to get the news of contents update, services and products lunched announced to the millions of internet users. Press release is important for

Link building: Press release increases your website link popularity, the ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages) through inbound links from press release site.

Website traffic: Press release helps you leverage the traffic generating potential of high traffic press release site to your advantage. You get referrers to your website through interesting, educating press release.

Author reputation: Press release improves your author popularity and expert reputation as your products and brands become widely spread. These are some press release services you can use to pull web traffic.


Traffic Formula Five: Leverage Social Media Marketing To Attract Web Traffic

Social media is a marketing technique used to gain website traffic through social media sites. The success of social media marketing largely depends on  creation of quality contents that attract users. The users as a result of their satisfaction with the content share it across their social network.

Social media marketing earn your website contents huge spread across the internet through social media site users. This tremendously  gives your website massive traffic. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are the best bet social marketing sites you can focus to attract instant traffic to your website.

Traffic Formula Six: Propagate Your Website With Video Marketing

Video marketing is an art of using video content for website traffic and marketing campaign. Just as it is critical to create quality and engaging text-based contents, it is important to create video contents that are valuable and relevant to your website readers and potential customers.

Your video contents can

  • be made from your website/business FAQ
  • serve as teaching aids in form of ‘ how to videos’
  • serve as a review to a newly lunched products as well as usage manual.

Once you’ve created your videos, there are lots of website to which you can upload them. The video hosting services include:

  • (upload your video from iPhone)

Traffic Formula Seven: Improve Your Website Presence and Visibility Through Forum Marketing

Internet marketing forum is a virtual estate where niche professionals at all levels share and discuss their experience passions and interests. Huge interaction takes place on forums on a daily basis. This makes them great marketing avenues for online marketers to generate traffic.

Forum marketing is thus, a great way to attract free traffic to your website.

Forum traffic generating technique

  • Research and find forum specifically on your website niche.
  • Register to become a member of the forum. Set up your profile and signature.
  • Make yourself known with a brief introduction.
  • Study the threads in the forum, community agitation and need. Look for ways to proffer solutions to their problems.
  • Post regularly but never spam.
  • Don’t forget to read the forum policies before doing anything as a member.

Traffic Formula Eight: Use Guest Blogging as a Mean of Generating Instant Website Traffic

Guest blogging is a great technique to attract traffic to your website. It is important to start guest blog posting on your niche. This increases quality of the backlink from the guest blog post to your website on search engine. Guest bloging helps

  • Build authority links to your site
  • Establish you as a reputable blogger and writer among bloggers in the blogosphere.
  • Improve your author ranking and credibility.
  • Improve instant referrers traffic to your website
  • To get feedback from other people perspectives.
  • Build and spread your brand|
  • Your authorship get exposed to huge social media.

Pay attention to the following to choose blogs where you write your guest post

  • Google Page Ranking: I recommend page rank of 2 (PR2) and above
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa ranking is a website traffic metrics. Check for blogs with Alexa rank of 200,000 and below.
  • Blog Network: Find out how well established is the blog across various social media. This ensures that your post get massive social sharing for your website contents.
  • Steady Growing Blogs: Some new blogs are growing steadily. Be a part of the growth. Though they may not meet the recommended Google pagerank and Alexa ranking. If they relate to your niche, it is a good move to consider the blog and grow your reputation with the site audience as it grows up.

Traffic Formula Nine: How To Attract Traffic with Linkbaiting/Link bait

Linkbaiting has close connection with site contents and writing style. It is a process where you write content with specific aim to attract links to your site from the web/internet community who can create links to the content.

Aside from the high pagerank resulted from linkbaiting in search engine algorithm, linkbaiting is a tool to get viral traffic to the content page. Below are highlights of few tricks to produce effective linkbait contents that attract inbound links and viral traffic.

  • Amazing titled contents
  • Problem solving contents
  • In-depth content (content that gives detailed and comprehensive information)
  • Debate-gearing content (create controversy with the content)
  • How to tutorial
  • Data-rich content: You can produce researched result of experiment you personally carried out on your marketing/blogging strategies, what works and what fails)
  • Infographic/visual content: This type of content attracts high volume social share.
  • Creative content: Unique content
  • Opinionated content: Contents that express your opinion on specific topical issues.
  • Relevant content:create content that meets your audience needs. Value is a measure of how well a need is satisfied

Traffic Formula Ten: Leverage Traffic Generation Via Autoresponder

Autoresponder is a tool that is used to automatically send series of pre-set emails to the subscribers of such email autoresponder list. It is an easy way to drive instant traffic to your blog and website. A numbers of email autoresponder service are available. AWeber is the commonest autoresponder service provider. Other providers are MailChimp and GetResponse. These are tips to utilise autoresponder service to attract people to your website:

  • Send email notification to your email subscribers through autoresponders when you’ve prepared a new post. This gives your fresh post a wide view as soon as it is published.
  • Select some of your posts on schedule basis (weekly or monthly) and send the posts tease to your subscribers. This will ensure revisit by your subscribers who aren’t returning to your blogs or website for a while.
  • Set up e-mini course via email. You then provide links on the email so the subscribers can read more on the related topics on your blog.

Traffic Formula Eleven: Get Contextual Links from High Traffic Websites

Contextual link is an effective way to attract traffic to your website. Contextual link is a type of link that is found right in the body of the website or blog content. It is a great way to build natural link as well because the link quality is enhanced by the contextual words surrounding the anchor text.

  •  Contextual links help you to get instant website traffic.
  • It builds your brand awareness and increase your blog recognition.
  • Contextual links build and improve your page rank.

Traffic Formula Twelve: Improve your Website traffic with More Landing Page

One of the natural ways to improve your website traffic is to develop more landing pages within your website. Many webmasters and online marketers are very restrictive in defining  what a landing page is. They do claim that a landing page is website page where traffic is sent to persuade and propose a call to action – accomplish a set of goals usually transactional goal. A goal like:

  • Capturing visitor’s information (squeeze page)
  • Keeping users in a buying proposition (sales page) and lot more.

For  simplicity sake and the purpose of this discourse, landing pages are all pages on your website that are

  • Indexed by, and optimised for search engine and/or
  • Adapted for PPC advertisement and other form of online advertisement.

Back to the main issue, How can you increase your website traffic with more landing page? What correlation exists between more landing pages and high website traffic?

The higher the number of the landing pages you have in your website, the better the chances the website appears in search engine result pages. This is easily explained by increased numbers of keywords and search queries for which your site shows up in organic search. The more the landing pages, the more the optimised keywords and search queries as every page is keyword optimised.

More landing pages increase visitors’ engagement and lower the website bounce rate. When these happen, two things follows.

  • The domain ranking of the website improves
  • The ranking of the website pages on SERPs increases
  • The page impression on search engine increases and overally, this means massive traffic to the website.

If you’ve been thinking on how to attract traffic to your website, I hope the information herein followed with action can help you with your traffic generation strategy.

Subscribe to Make Money Online to receive my blog update via email. That said on how to attract traffic to your website. Which method among the traffic generation techniques above have you tried to succeed? Do you have any other traffic generation formula not listed above? Let us benefit from your wealth of knowledge and experience. Share with us in the comment box below. Your contribution is welcome.

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  1. Hi Lasisi,
    Your piece is in depth and the details practical. Traffic generation is the desire of many blog owners but they often lack idea of how to initiate and sustain it.

    Free traffic measures can be systematized, and I agree with your submission that a blogger or webmaster should checkout what method works for them after assessing different methods.

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    Sunday – contributor

  2. Hi,

    I know that traffic generation strategies are the most needed information in the blogsphere, but many bloggers try hard to get more traffic forgetting the main important thing that is what they want to do with this traffic, if you they can make 50 visitors do the thing that they want then they will not benefit from making them 100 or 200 visitors. If you are able to turn the traffic you have into goals then there is no reason to get more traffic.

    As for the traffic generation methods there is nothing left to say as you have mentioned the most important methods.

  3. SEO and social media are my biggest source of traffic. I also engage on cntent curation and syndication on web 2.0 sites to expose my blog to a wider audience. Other methods I use to attract traffic to my site involves converting my best posts to pdf and sharing them on document submisssion sites like docstoc, slideshare etc.

  4. Hi, You’ve mentioned detailed and useful article to build traffic to our website. The first thing we should make sure before getting traffic is writing articles that attract thousands of people eyeballs, so we can naturally get traffic that people share it on their social medias and recommend others to read it.

    I use social medias, article directories, blog comments, questions and answers sites mostly to get traffic in to my site.

    I get your updates on and left the comment over there too.

    Thanking you, have a wonderful day.

  5. You covered almost every angel in the post buddy. I personally think SEO traffic is the best in terms of conversion (though the most erratic)

    For the most part, traffic from search engines is most targeted so the more of it you have, the more the conversion

    • Enstine Muki,
      Thanks for dropping by, I agree SEO has the best traffic conversion rate. Not only that, once it is done well, it continues to bring in the traffic persistently.

  6. Great post.Traffic is one of the most important part in online business.It is just like oxygen for internet marketing.Internet marketing can not survive without it.You have mentioned all the required traffic generation techniques.Thanks

  7. A blog without traffic will you mad. And the time you spent on articles will be go on waste. And day-by-day you will lose the interest on blogging. So boost yourself and keep going in this competitive blogging is only happen with decent traffic.

    It is awesome the way the topic explained in this article.

    Thanks again and keep your good work up.


  8. sscsworld says:

    I have now realized that I need to be trying more of these things and make my blog posts more interesting and interactive.

  9. Hey that’s a nice post my question is press release really drives huge traffic?

  10. Minhaj Uddin says:

    Hi Lasisi,

    Definitely very informative detailed article for driving traffic to website!
    All of these methods works greatly. We need to create high quality content always.
    Our main target is to attract traffic by providing valuable content. If people love your content then, surely visit your site again.

    Anyway, very useful article you shared with us. Keep it up.
    Have a nice day!

  11. Hey Lasisi,

    Well, I am always a big fan of writing high quality content, which really helps increasing social traffic, if content is worth sharing and then, with some reputation,, the flow of natural backlinks comes in. Although a time consuming process, but a pure white hat method to gain organic traffic.

    What you say about this?

  12. HI nice post and i think before indulging in any of these strategy first you have to decide who is your audience is i mean who they are where do they hang out so generating traffic of your targeted audience is the essential key

  13. Hi,

    Great idea for attracting visitors.

    I will also try on my blog and let you know what happen.

    Thanks for sharing best tips.

  14. Yash Patel says:

    Hi, I have one question about the SEO. Suppose there is website which is popular and if i make a website then will i get high traffic because of

  15. This is an epic post. I agree with many of the strategies laid out here. I got here from an SERP, and I am happy to see Nigerian bloggers do well on rankings. Continue the good work

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