Key Features of Quality Website Contents That Sell

The article provides features of quality website contents that sell. Do your website contents have these important features? Make these features a check list next time you write contents for your website if your site hasn’t been getting the online juice that is inherent in quality contents.

Key Features of Quality Website Contents

The importance of quality contents to the success of your online business and marketing cannot be overemphasized. It builds your brand, reputation,  integrity and drive organic traffic to your website. Every effort you put in place to produce quality content worths it.

What is quality content by the way? The following characteristics of quality website contents can help you understand what quality contents really are and how you can write one to suit your website readers.

  1. Originality
  2. Authority exertness (Exertive authority)
  3. Facts and statistics (accuracy)
  4. Completeness
  5. Communication
  6. Headline (catchy & informative)
  7. Targeted and themed
  8. Language syntax compliance (grammatical error-free)
  9. Personality and brand
  10. Informative, educative and entertaining
  11. Simplicity
  12. Value
  13. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Originality, Top Features of Quality Website Contents That Sell

Originality of content and information provided in your website is the first step to create quality content. Online database is stuffed with information in almost all topics. Much of these information are duplicate & plagiarised contents.

The internet has become the primary source of information or at least the first learning point for academic and non-academic work. If you focus on your product and personality, you won’t find it difficult to create original content.

While quality content is an essential ingredient of a successful website, originality of contents plays a vital role in creating quality content.

Exertive Authority, Do Your contents command respect?

Do your website contents command authority in your niche? Quality content in its attributes, shows the in-depth knowledge  of its creator. A good quality authority content attracts eager learners to the web page where it exists. Make your content authoritative by doing background topical research.

Fact and statistics, Create Stands For Your Content

Is your content conveying a proven stance. If your contents don’t convince readers enough as an embodiment of valuable information, they are far from quality content internet readers aspire.

Support your information with statistical data and figures to substantiate the claim the contents present. It is also important to include links to appropriate resources of research study results where necessary.

Completeness, Does Your Content Provides Complete Information?

Good quality contents feature complete information covered by its topic. Don’t leave your readers in confusion. Does the content leave more questions than it answered? Completeness of quality content is dependent on its self-understanding of the context without necessarily seeking for information elsewhere.

This means that the contents present all the in-topic information expected by the readers as soon as the topic  is sighted. All outside resources the readers may need were well linked to. This makes quality contents entertaining and flow for readers.

Do Your Contents Communicate Well?

Are you able to communicate your thought well to your readers through the contents? The beauty of quality contents is the ability to get the thought passed across to the readers – not bunch of text or images and/or video that do not communicate well. Did the contents pass your ideas across to the readers? If you answer no, your contents do not features the element of good quality content and there is a need to make a change and/or improvement.

Find Catchy, Informative Headline for Your Contents

The headline of beautiful contents are not only catchy but also informative. If the readers can not get ideas of the information shared in a content through its headline, the quality of the contents fades. Lot of resources are available across the web on how to present catchy and informative headlines for contents. You can check Jeff Goins 5 tricks to write catchy headline.

Give your contents beautiful headlines that are catchy, informative and search engine friendly after your content is ready for publication. Give rooms for deep brainstorming. A number of topics usually fit a piece of content. Try to figure out the best headline for the content before final publication.

Targeted and Themed Contents

This is one of the important features of quality website contents that retain readers’ attention. Does the content remain within the theme of the topic and the site as a whole? Does it retain the interest of the target audience? Each and every word of quality content points towards the theme. It explains the topic and makes the readers understand the theme of the contents. Never move out of the topic.

Writing Language Syntax Compliance, Make Your Contents Error-Free

Quality Website contents are devoid of grammatical blunders and poor word-formation. Whatever the language of presentation, quality contents comply with the language syntax. Poor grammar and misspelled words around website contents mar credibility and discourage users read through your website.These include but not limited to

  • Good usage of Lexis and structure
  • Correct words spellings
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct use of grammar

You don’t have to be a language expert to write error free quality contents. There are lots of resource online to help you improve your writing and correct grammar check.

Let Your Content Speak For Your Personality & brand

Good quality contents are not easily separable from the authors. They feature the attribute of their authors – the author voice is imminent to quality contents. Make your voice, tone and personality reflected in your content so that your readers know what you are up to.

Of course you are a different and unique personality. So should your content be by spicing them with your unique voice and tones. Your contents should brighten the readers’ memory of your brand

Provide Informative, Educative and Entertaining Contents.

If you really desire to catch the attention of your website audience, you need to provide informative and entertaining contents. Do you provide the information that helps your readers carry out tasks that seem complex in simple ways?

If your contents really educate them, you’ve offered something. Otherwise, it is as good as creating nothing. Quality website content need to be presented in way to be entertaining to give your readers momentum to read through your content.

Simplicity of Expression and Content Layout.

You need to present your contents in simple and concise way. Don’t forget your focus is to pass information across to readers. Your contents fail to communicate with your audience if it is not simple enough  in terms of word usage, sentence structure and organisation.

Don’t try to impress anybody with complex word usage. Nobody comes to your site to be impressed in this manner. They come to gather information and be a better persons on the subject matter. Your readers have only little time to spend on your website and to grab your information. You don’t have to give them expression that requires time to understand and digest.

The simpler your expression is, the easier and quicker it is digested by your site readers and the more communicating you are.


Value, Write Website Contents That Add Value

Does the information you provide positively change the live of your readers? Does it add any value at all? Only valuable contents retain and keep returning visitors. Valuable information acquires viral traffic for your website. Your website contents must answer your visitors first question on reaching your website.

What is there for me…..?

It is just a natural question that comes to users mind. It always come to mind whenever time, effort and money are to be spent. Your content must add values for your readers. Ask yourself. What do I want to give my readers with this piece of information? After the content is written, read through the content and see if it actually accomplishes the predetermined value.

Search Engine Optimisation. Optimise Your Content For Search Engine

Quality contents feature SEO. Your contents should be search engine friendly. Why? Majority of online surfers start from the search engines. The reason is not far-fetched. Let say for instance, you need an estate (commercial or residential) for hire or purchase, how do you start the search? You probably go through the service of an estate agent to ease the search process and save your time. This is also true for information search.

Internet is loaded with information and to get the right information you desire, there is a need to go through search engine.

Search engine is thus an information agent……

It is one thing to prepare your content to satisfy your readers. The ability of the potential readers to find the information is another thing.

The idea is to make the contents useful, valuable and relevant. Then let search engines understand this by optimising the contents. Both on-page and off-page SEO should be given attention.


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