Internet Marketing Strategy: 10 Proven Active and Passive Tricks

The internet marketing strategies and tricks I shared with you here can greatly reduce your marketing effort and cost. The marketing strategies show how a little active paid marketing technique can get you on the track of passive marketing strategies where your business, products (Product self-marketing), services and consumers (Consumers’ marketing) become the main elements of your marketing campaign.

Internet marketing strategy:10 proven active and passive tricks

  1. Build a good brand and first Impression
  2. Bring uniqueness in your products and services
  3. Make integrity and honesty your watchwords
  4. Study and relate to your competitions. Never ignore them
  5. Improve your technical skill.
  6. Offer good customer care, after-sales service and maintenance
  7. Provide Money Back Guarantee
  8. Quick and Reliable Delivery Service
  9. Create Value-Added Service as an Alternative To Sales Discount
  10. Build Strong Relation with Your Customers

One: Build a Good Brand and First Impression

Branding and marketing go hand in hand. You shape your brand, build it, manage it and sell it. Your brand connects closely to your products and services. It adds up to the products cost. That is why I say ‘sell it’. You notice how big corporations like hp, dell, coca cola and others sell their brands in line with their products. What really made them big are their brands.

Can you imagine why people willingly pay higher for a product or service which they know fully well they can get somewhere else at a cheaper price. They may not even care if other products have better quality and benefits. It is just for their loyalty and attachment to the brand. Brands build loyal customers and users. Brand in itself, is a mean to advertise for products.

As you build your business, build your brand. You will learn how to brand your business to aid your marketing. Brand is the way you present and position your business to the world amidst competition. Your branding programs might include:

  • The qualities of your staffs how knowledgeable and skilled are they to meet up with the required quality production and customer relation. What are their levels of understanding of your business.
  • You logo. It must express your desired identity.
  • What quality of products and services you offered

Two: Make integrity and honesty your watchwords

We are now in the world where people hardly separate issues from personalities, marketers from products, manufacturer from marketers. When you introduce your product to people, they not only look into the products or services but also the personalities involved. In marketing arena, these personalities include the manufacturers (that is why I talk about branding at the top), the marketers (being discussed in this section). Therefore, to be a successful long-term online business marketer, you have to establish authority and credibility in all your online marketing effort/programs.

Your content, review and information on any products you are promoting online should be fair and to the interest of your consumer. No hike, no hype. By this, you would differentiate yourself and business brand from the internet crowd that is full of scam. With credibility and trust, you market the first products, say A and B. The qualities of products A and B are satisfactory to the customers as the products meet the review and the accurate information used to market them. Then, these two products virally markets product C, D, E and F. Valuable products A, B, C, D, E and F in turns market products G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N. the snowball effect continue like that and your marketing effort and cost reduced significantly as the product market themselves.


Product Viral Marketing

Products Self Marketing:Passive Marketing Technique

To build credibility in your marketing,

  • Whatever the types and forms of products and services you offer, put in place quality control measure. If you are promoting affiliate products, use the products and ascertain the quality before you promote.
  • Avoid sale pitches in your advertisement.
  • Give preference to long-term gratification over the short-term benefits

Three: Bring uniqueness in your products and services

You don’t have to re-invent a wheel. Though you may, if you have an inspiration for such. However you have to make your own wheel unique. The world always stand in anticipation for something new – not necessarily new in its origin but new in terms of innovation and ingenuity you bring in- to get your business or products noticed, you might consider bringing in some sense of uniqueness. This is very vital in the era of product supply overload and alarming rate of competition. One way to make your business unique is to check the features of the products and services of your competitors in the market. Look for

  • What majority of products and services providers in your business industries are doing wrong and which you can amend in your own products and services.
  •  New products and services you can create to make difference.
  • Other approach and perspectives you can use to present your services and products

There are many available ways of doing one single thing. Think of a unique way you can adopt to accomplish your own.

Four: Study and relate to your competitions. Never ignore them

A great way to get to the top of your industry is to study your competitor.

  • What do they do?
  • How do they do it?
  • What are the things they have achieved in the industry that gave them an edge over the others?
  • What products and services are they offering?
  • What instruments keep the leading competitors on top?

Most of these things you might dig into to give you insight. You consider those of them that are in the business before you, some that come in virtually at the same time with you while you pay close attention to the new competitors that may spring up. In internet marketing, your competitors are those who are targeting the same keywords as you in the matter of advertising and search engine optimization.

Online marketing requires you to analyse both the quantity (volume) and quality (strength) of the competition. In few words, you try to understand your competitors’ business model, how they do the business and deliver the products to consumer as well as their stands in the industries-both the leading and the lagging competitors.

Five: Improve your technical skills

You don’t have to outsource to get everything done. There are some minute management skills you need to master to carry out simple tasks on your own. The subjects like copy-writing ads, search engine optimization (SEO), eye-catching graphic design, social media marketing, autoresponders, email marketing among others, are required element of online marketing.

While becoming an expert in those fields are not essential ingredients to the success of your online marketing campaign, you need some basic understanding of how the systems work. More importantly, you’ll need to be conversant with the changes that arise from time to time in the internet marketing world. Always update your knowledge on how it (internet marketing) works. Optimize your skill on new changes and trends you discovered.

Six: Offer good customer care, after-sales service and maintenance

What else look more rewarding to your consumers than the feelings of not being alone after purchasing your products or paying for your services. Everybody likes being valued. One of the ways to show your customers that they are important to your business circle is to offer them assistance in terms of good online and offline customer support, after-sales services and maintenance especially if physical products are involved.

You can support them on how they can have better experience, value and utility in the consumption of the products. If you are supplying software, for example, it is important you have customers’ portal in addition to the documentation to help them understand better way to get the best value in the products. You can as well put in place maintenance team to assist your customers in case of any products failure. This may be offered for a fee.

Seven: Provide Money Back Guarantee

Provision of guarantee is an important marketing technique. One way to ascertain the quality of the products under marketing in the minds of prospective buyers and to win their confidence is to offer money-back guarantee. This money back guarantee terms have to be clearly and explicitly stated.

Eight: Quick and Reliable Delivery Service

Don’t forget that one of the reasons why people prefer shopping online is to avoid long time waiting before they get their goods aside from the comfortability involved. Let your customers know the estimate of delivery time for any order placed and ensure that the time stipulated never exceeded. You plan ahead for any possible inconvenience that may arise. If you are selling for local people, take into consideration the customers residing in the rural region of the state.

Aside from the time frame, the shipping should be reliable. When giving your customers the options to choose delivery or shipping companies, ensure that all the shipping companies options provided are reliable. Any additional time the weekend factor may pose on the products purchased within the period should be clearly stated. Also falls under this is the public holiday. Just make sure the customers are aware of extra time and delay upfront so that they prepare their minds for the actual delivery time.

Nine: Create Value-Added Service as an Alternative to Sales Discount

To beat down the competition, you can provide value added service along side your products and services in the form of bonus products or services. This aids your online marketing and helps you increase your sales share of the market. Make you things that have real values to your consumers something.

The value added service to be given away should be something that doesn’t cost you in cash, or at most very little, otherwise you are burning your pocket. In the same view, giving out discount amount to taking money out of your pocket and should be avoided as much.

Ten: Build Strong Relationship with Your Customers

The success and failure of your business greatly depends on your relation with your customers. It is much easier to market to existing customers than attracting new ones. Your business will continue to flourish in as much as you build strong relation with your customers and make each and every one of them counts. You can connect with them via email, social media.

You can as well create a forum where your customers share their experience with your products and services. This gives you an opportunity to listen to their complaint and find out what their interest really is so that you meet their expectation. Appreciate them for being parts of your business.


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