Increase Website Revenue: 5 Ultimate Clues

How to increase website revenue

Everyone desires more cash, better income. Webmasters aren’t left out. They work to increase the revenue generated from their website. Increased website revenue is thus a common challenge to website and blog owners in their internet career.

They play around to turn their website to business empire that generates sufficient revenue to keep the site running and make them live the aspired internet lifestyle. Not quite same in this game though.. Which category do you fall on?

  • Your website has organically grown so fantastic with consistent income that you hardly think of a need to optimise your site and increase the monetary return.
  • The game seems too tough to move a step further.You keep using your sweat and spending your other income to survive. You begin to doubt if ever the website can sustain itself let alone being your internet business base.
  • You’re doing fine. The site income is appealing but still struggling to move forward.

Whichever category you belong, You’re in the right place. There are numbers of easy strategies to optimise and increase revenue your website generates without burning pocket. In this article, I’m going to share with you amazing insightful tips you can easily adopt to improve your website income.

Increase Website Revenue with these five best tips:

  1. Watch, Manage and Monitor your traffic
  2. Create viral marketing campaign
  3. Diversify the site monetization strategies
  4. Sales monitoring and product selection
  5. Track and optimise your conversion rate

Watch, Manage and Monitor Your Website Traffic

When I say traffic here, I mean your current customers/clients and potentials. Yes, in a simple terms “the human traffic to your website”. I talk about this in my blog post on website traffic report. They are the people who constitute your market. You don’t just leave them to wander.

You need to help them. Helping them is the first initiative to grow your business. And You can’t help them without understanding them in minute detail. No guess-work! Here are the few clues to lead you to maximizing your traffic:

Your Welcome page: Your visitors entrance point should be analysed. This is influenced by the source, their interest and what bring them to your site. Are you getting the right visitors who might be interested in your offer. Target audience brings exchange of goods and services. Without mutual interest, no sales can be effected and the more sales you make the more the revenue.

Track your customers’ routine within your website: This is most important if you’re selling products/services within your site. You need to monitor their shopping behaviour. What are their interest, their white-lists. Take a closer look and check for the common broken point in the sales funnel. Eliminate boring element of the sales funnel.

Your prospects might become stuck along the way before the final check-out and leave the shopping mall. You might need to reduce the number of required actions to be taken before the actual execution and/or finalising the transaction.

Cut (where possible) or Optimise the Prominent Exits: Your website traffic report tools gives the exit behaviour of your site visitors among other metrics. Check your shopping route and see which page constitute most exits. It has been discovered that a given shopping cart drops potential at some common point. Note the point, optimise or cut it off.

Target your paid traffic: If you do pay for traffic to your offers, you have to measure and target the traffic to get better return for your dollars. Does your ad copy attracts the audience that might be interested in the products and services. They might be need to re-target and/or rewrite the ad copies through more specific keyword.

 Create Viral Marketing Campaign

Creating viral marketing campaign is a great tactic to increase website revenue. Ask your clients/customers to order more of your products and services after their initial purchase. They are more likely to buy and give you more money. The best time to bond the relationship with your customer is after sales.

Their decision to take out money from their wallet is an indication of a level of trust. It’s therefore easier to build on the mood. You possibly have their contacts. What a beautiful asset! You should have a separate list for your one time customers.

Enhance repeat visit to your offer: It is easier to buy from someone familiar or whom you know rather than new faces. And much more easier to give them more money if you’ve already purchased from them before. This is quite unquestionable facts. Repeated visit is measured by the number of returning visitors to your website. This data is in your finger tips through your site analytics. keeping returning visitors to your site requires time and effort. It’s however worthy the effort.

  • Provide good information, tips and some free stuff relating to the offer you provide. You can see how most service provider on internet offer free version of their offers to retain visitors and encourage their recurrent visits.
  • Get them in your list as earlier as their first visit.
  • Keep remembering your customers all the offers you have in stock. They’ll definitely find one that pique their interest and keep them coming back.
  • Offer them non-monetary resources in form of add-on services.

“The more visitors repeatedly come to your website, the higher the chance they make it a resort of buying when need arises. This turns your site to a real trading arsenal and increased revenue generating potential.”

Up and Cross Selling: Let your customers give you more money by purchasing other products or services from you. Make it a point to offer reduced price in form of discount to your returning customers. This is a great strategy to get them stick to your products and brand and retain the business relationship bond.

Offer after-sales product-usage “how to” guide: Do you have any information that aids your customers to get better accustomed with the proper usage of the products purchased from you. Don’t hesitate to give the detail in form of after-sales support. This gives your customers a sense of value that they aren’t left alone and that you’re not only interested in their pocket. They cherished you more than when they purchased your offer and as well trust you more.

Provide a feedback option: Your customer feedback is very essential to enhance proper communication to your audience and client. This in turn boost your website sales and income. A good “contact us” page improve trust and customers confidence to buy more from you. Another way to ensure proper 2-way communication is to set-up a blog within your website domain.

Diversify the site monetisation strategies

Even though monetisation potential and methods largely depend on website niche. Your website can be incorporated with many suitable monetisation strategies. Never limit yourself to a monetisation technique. It’s very vital you get diversified in your website revenue strategies without creating distraction and competition.

You can avoid competition by looking for complementary monetisation techniques. For instance, direct advertisement and contextual ads (Good Adsense % other PPC) may pose competition if they ‘re in close proximity within your webpage. You have to note though:

  • If you have your own product on site, focus is essential. Don’t allow sales leak through advertising and affiliate links.
  • Provide more valuable  products related to your niche.
  • Coaching in form of  e-training is a great way to increase your website revenue. Establish a membership section on your website and /or premium niche forum where you share your expertise.
  • Are you selling digital products? Create a section for physical products from Amazon as an Amazon associates if you don’t have your hard products to sell

Sales Monitoring Product selection

It’s important you monitor your sales once the  website begins to generate leads, sales of products and services you offer if you really want to boost and increase the website revenue. This gives you the chance to tweak and optimise your shopping mall for better sales generation.

“It’s a simple logic: If you can’t track and measure the performance of your marketing and sales generated, you can’t improve.”

Your sales report give you the idea of

  • best-selling and top revenue generator among your offers.
  • average purchase value per customer.
  • geographical zones that carries most sales. Optimise your sales  copy(marketing contents) to attract more sales from the region.
  • the best way to improve the site income.

Track and optimise your conversion rate

Your website conversion rate is an important site metrics that determines how much your website could generate. What percentage of the visitors to your site are taking the required action? How many converted visitors were you able to covert to buyers. This is what conversion rate is all about. It gives an insight about the quality and relevancy of your website/blog traffic. Your website conversion might be only thing you need to double, triple or even quadruple your site revenue.

Take for instance. Out of hundred visits to your site, one sales/click is made. That is 1% traffic conversion rate. On the other hand we say that your website is generating its revenue based on 1% conversion of its traffic.

If you don’t do any other thing mentioned in this article other than optimising your traffic conversion, you can double your website revenue by taking your traffic conversion to 2%. If you initially have a poor conversion like say, 0.1 percent, working on your traffic conversion rate to 2 percent already increase the site revenue in 20 folds.

Can you imagine!


How can you increase your traffic conversion rate to improve your website revenue?

There are a lot of strategies you can employ to improve your conversion rate. I just pin-point a few below:

  • Maintain high degree of relevancy: These include your backlinks source, page keywords, promoted affiliate or own products. All the elements of your page (promotional content and ads) must be well-connected.
  • Optimise your desired call-to-action: All action that likely to initiate sales by your prospects must be made compelling. Make promise to be fulfilled. Highlight the benefits of your offer in a well clear format. You should as well define concisely what your prospects needs to do to complete the transaction. Keep the whole process easy and as short as possible.
  • Request your customers opinions: Specifically ask your customers about their experience in your form and the entire shopping process they undertook during their purchase. Collate and screen the feedbacks and make appropriate optimisation.
  • Optimise your paid and keyword traffic: Optimise your ad copies. Leverage long tail keyword to get more targeted traffic.
  • Give preference to quality: Rate what you sell and/or promote. Go for quality and nothing less.
  • You might be interested in detailed experts tips and tricks on conversion rate optimization.


Finally, Track and measure your website income. This is very important as you have many monetization strategies integrated to your site. You can say which of the monetization brings more revenue and which take much of your effort and virtual estate than it returns. Sometimes, it happens that two or more monetization (your affiliate links, banner, own products and PPC ads, for instance) on your site may conflict/compete. You can easily decide what best action you can take to optimise your monetization strategy and improve your overall income.

Have you any clue on how to increase website revenue?

How do you optimise your website income? I’ll like to hear your opinion in the comment box. I appreciate sharing a lot. Help populate this information by sharing in your favourite social media. Just click on any of the social icon.


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  1. Hi Lasisi,
    I couldn’t agree more with you on this post. If the revenue of a website is to be increased then there is need to step up the game! There is always something to be done when it comes to increasing revenue.

    Diversification of monetary strategies is key to increasing revenue. This can be achieved when the blogger take steps to enhance the quality of service offered in a blog!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

    • Hi Sunday,

      Definitely something has to be done to change or optimise a situation. Increase website revenue isn’t an exception. That is the purpose of this blog post.

      As you said the diversification is the key while the quality of offers we make are as well essential.

      Thanks for always being part of the discussion on my blog.

  2. Hi,

    A very in-depth post about the money factor of the website. Your article is the pearl for the shopping websites. One needs to work on their traffic after it comes, to get more sales.

    Many website owner’s pay hefty amount of money to get visitor’s, but they fail to track and learn from it’s traffic behavior.

    Analytic’s is the best tool in the market, one just needs to analyze it, improvise it and then optimize it the highest level, and then the fruits of the labor will be very high.

    My strategy is to diversify the ads from different companies to have variety and also keep my service in front of my audience before anything else. Brilliant post, anyway, I found this article on Kingged.

    • Rohan,

      Thanks for acknowledging the post. The post is expected to be beneficial for shopping website as well as content and affiliate marketing who don’t have their own products to sell. The websites who generate income on contextual advertisement aren’t left out. Measuring and tracing website traffic is highly important to optimise the site for better revenue as you said.

      Diversification is essential as you noted from the post. It’s good to have multiple revenue sources from our website to increase the overall income.

      love being part of the conversation, keep coming back.

  3. I think diversifying your monetization methods is a very good way to increase your income. You have to learn to be creative and think outside the box. You can send newsletters with links to affiliate products to your subscribers, or selling your own product or services on your site. The first thing I think people need to do is get the traffic though. That is the hard part, but once you get the traffic, the income part will become easy.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      I quite agree with you as regard the creativity and thinking outside the box. This makes us appear unique among the internet crowd. Email marketing is one of the best games for affiliate marketers. It has been proved to have great influence in turning potential subscriber to reader by bringing them into buying proposition.

      Thanks for dropping by and comment.

  4. Hello Lasisi,

    This is a Marvelous post! I loved the way you described some ways to increase website revenue.
    Tracking our readers activity is now simple process. Thanks to Google Analytics. A Good Welcome page works like a charm for a website to increase visitors engagement on site and eventually, Increase in earning.

    And when i tried Viral marketing campaign method, it works very well. I aggresively promoted my blog on various social media websites and results are really great!
    Thank you lasisi for this awesome post!
    Have a Nice Day Ahead!

    Well, i found this post on and commented on it!

    • I’m happy you love the descptive detail the post give on website revenue optimisation. I agree with you on Google Analytics usage. It’s invaluable resources to track and optimise website traffic.

      Thanks for reading and dropping worthly comment. Keep coming back

  5. Hi, Lassi!

    I agree that webmasters aren’t gone, for they are still useful in increasing your revenue online through your website of blog.

    I’ve found the tips you’ve shared above indeed valuable and helpful.

    As what I’ve learned here, you should manage and nurture your traffic, create a viral and effective marketing campaign, and expand your blog monetisation strategies. These steps, as well as the CRO, sales monitoring and product selection are needed in order to increase your website revenue.

    The points given above are explained well. Thanks for sharing us such informative article! 🙂

    P.S. I’ve found this article shared on and leave the same comment there.

  6. Hi Lasisi
    You took up a very important issue which many people take simply as ultimate reward of blogging struggle. Getting traffic on a website or blog is a consistently done activity and one has to apply his creative thinking to avail every chance to boost his blog traffic.
    Organic traffic is gotten after sometime of your starting a blog. Before that you need to robustly promote your each blog post at social media and play an active role there to make people feel your presence and visit your blog to find value there.
    Similarly email subscription is another alternate way to attract visitors and make them subscribers of your blog to eventually convert them as customers.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post that is a complete tutorial to increase website revenue by first boosting blog traffic and then earn money by converting them to your customers.

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