How You Can Leverage Information Marketing to Make Money Online

I want to call your attention to an amazing evergreen way you can easily adopt to make money online from information marketing. This isn’t anyway hard. Anybody can use it. In as much as you were able to have found this information, you can use it. It is about leveraging the power of information to make money online.

In this article, I am going to tell you how important information is to the online marketers; how you can produce not just any information but the kind of content that you can leverage to establish yourself online as a successful internet marketer. You can spare a few minute to read the article, bookmark or print it out and read it later.

Why information is that important?

The internet began with information. In fact, internet is information. They are inseparable. It is the first product on the internet. These information were produced free of charge. People wrote lots about their hobbies, professions, life experience, academic lessons, legal documents and many more. The lists are endless.

To understand how vital information is, let take the case study of your offline business involving brick-and mortal store or marketing mall.

When a customer come to your mall, what usually transpire between you and her before the final purchase? What?..It is conversation.

What brought them to your mall in the first instance?…information? How did she locate your mall? Is it through advertisement or what? How many of your customers bought your items the first time they entered. Do they come to make inquiries mostly in their first arrival, do you have any poster across the Malling wall? All is about providing correct and accurate information.

No sales can ever be made without information to lead the potential buyers.

You need to produce valuable information. The type of information that will help your readers make conscious, correct and economical buying decision. You have to be honest in every bit of expression you make by putting the interest of your audience in the forefront.

Remember information is primarily meant to help the internet users. You, as an online marketer can just utilize the interest of your blog or website readers to make money. Cater to their needs first by providing information they are seeking for.

Build trust, you must not put money first. When you chase money onset, there is high chance that you will lose the interests of your prospects and lose at the end even though you may make some casual cash in the beginning. This is the method only employed by the so-called hit-and-run marketers. They never make persistent money online.

That is why I often advise people coming up to making money online to look at online marketing as a sustainable business that keeps growing and generating money consistently.

You must have a mindset to provide the information to help your audience. You build their trust in you with the valuable content you publish from time to time and when the need arises, they consider you as the buying point and follow your recommendation.

Information about what? About anything

You want to ask me: what kind of information can I provide?

Ok, It is just about anything you can think about. If you are reading this post, you can share your experience on how you came about it and twist the idea in a way that you weave in your experience to benefit your target audience.

Sound too difficult to be true. Ok, you can write:

  • On technical knowledge or skills you have acquired in form of how to articles. Everyone has a skill and a strong point. All you have to do is to position your mind to learn something.. What?.. It is nothing much but your own self. Discover your strong point from which others can benefit. You can also take advantage of your weak point to produce valuable information. It is two-sided. See below
  • Write about how you learn and overcome your weakness. For instance,

    How you overcome the fear of speaking in front of large audience.

    How you manage your failing business.

    How you manage to finish your college program under financial constraint.

    You can think of thousands of this.This must not necessarily be your personal weakness. It may be someone else problem the solution of which you have learnt. You are not necessarily to be once a smoker before you can provide helpful information on how to quit smoking. It just requires a mindset for learning. You can read my blog post on how you can develop willingness to learn new skills.

  • By reviewing hot products you are using. The fact that you like the products is an indication that there exist around the world who can be interested in the products as well if they get perfect unbiased information about the products. This is a very vital and highly proven way to rake money from online marketing.
  • By sharing the experience you have in your profession. The unique experience you have in your career can be shared, so also in your hobbies. When you share something about your hobbies for the purpose of making money online, you must take it as a business. You can have a glance at my article on business or hobbies, how do you take your internet marketing business.
  • Sharing your life experience, what have you experienced in the past that you love and enjoyed, what about your encounter with successful people or scenes? All these are information worthy of sharing.
  • By writing on your holiday cruise. You can have video shots of your trips, short video clips on the various things that amazed you, what new things you discovered, other people’s cultures or what? If you have travelled to place of tourism attraction, why don’t you share this with your audience? At least there are some who are looking for attractive and wonderful place to visit. You might just help some with this.

How can you get your content to reach your audience?

Are you thinking about the format of the publication? This is easier than you think. You can publish your information in different formats:

Readable Materials: You can produce readable information on word document format. You can use any word processing software to produce your thought in black and white. You can also make it available in PDF format. Many choices are available depending on you and what you think best suit your readers.

Video Formats: You can produce the information in form of video tutorials in various formats.

Where to publish your information?

You can make your information available to your readers in many ways among which are:


Blog Post. Just like this one you are reading. There exist lots of blogging platforms you can use at no cost. Examples are WordPress, which is an open source software available at WordPress and; blogger by Google available at Blogger. This blog Ace Clue Dot Com is powered with WordPress blogging resources. I have a number of micro niche blogs on blogger platform. The lists of blogging systems you can use for free and paid are too numerous to be mentioned here. If you have any question on blogging, feel free to contact me.

Downloadable Digitized Materials: You can publish your information in the form of eBooks in PDF format or video. This can be made available for readers by providing the download links free of charge. You may also market your info products for a few dollars.


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