Cyber Monday Deal: What Cyber Monday Has for Shoppers and Marketers


Cyber Monday 2013

This year Black Friday has gone; the opportunity it offered is still fresh and the memory remains. The Cyber Monday is only 3 days away. Are you a marketer, retailer or shopper? I hope you enjoyed the great Black Friday deals. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United State (US) and is well known for its marketing potential.

In 2010, Cyber Monday earns the largest online marketing transaction with online spending amounts to $1.028 Billion. (comScore report). Due to trading and marketing potential of Cyber Monday, the usage of the term had gone beyond the border of the United State. The day has therefore, become internationally acceptable marketing term among the online shoppers and retailers. While Black Friday is well known for its physical shopping potential, Cyber Monday amounts the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Amazon alone had sales of 3.5 million dollars on Cyber Monday 2012. The 2013 Cyber Monday is not an exception. Various online retail stores offer huge-saving sales compared to other Cyber Monday ever.

Walmart Cyber Monday deals


A picture of the inside of a remodeled Walmart in Miami.Walmart offers great discount sales for various items through its Cyber Monday best deals. These deals bring low price in electronics, bikes, toys, video games, books, home appliances, baby kits, cell phones, gift items, beauty items, pets varieties among others. I browsed through the Cyber Monday saving offer provided by Walmart, the deals are highly competitive. For your Cyber Monday shopping event, Walmart Cyber Monday store is a great start point. Check Walmart best online special Cyber Monday deal here.

Cyber Monday deal on by

Whatever the shopping experience you aspire for this year 2013 Cyber Monday deals, offers a one-stop portal on different varieties. Just name what you want, chances are you find it at Cyber Monday official websites. The portal lists great available deals as much as 75% price cut on some items. If you haven’t been using Cyber Monday for your purchase, you’re really loosing some dollars. There are offers for coupons sales, discount sales of many reatailers and manufacturers’ products through Cyber Monday deals and discount.

Cyber Monday tips for e-commerce marketers

Email marketing: Retailer avail email marketing strategy to drive sales lead to their offers. The emails include promotional discount and coupon Cyber Monday deals

Optimise their website store for mobile. The trend in the way shoppers surf the internet has shown significant change.There is diversion to smartphone usage. Much of the sales on this Cyber Monday ‘ll occur through mobile devices.

Optimisation and search queries:Retailers can use web resources like Google trend to examine what search quaries likely to rule this year Cyber Monday to rake in more sales. They might then, optimise the marketing contents for that search keywords. Google trend is one of the best way to fetch ideas for proper search querries. For instance, what search querry ruled last year Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Free shipping was one of the best search quarrie last year and I believe shoppers are eager to find free shipping this year Cyber Monday as well.

Social media: People attachment to social media is high. Social media had almost turned discussion forum where bies are discussing and chatting on the latest gists in the e-commerce space. Update and optimize your social media pages and tweet with the available Cyber Monday best deals. Let your audience know they can’t find a better deal elsewhere.

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