Creative Blog Post Ideas: Are you Stuck?

Have you ever been stuck while trying to get ideas for blog posts? Do you find it difficult to come up with creative blog posts ideas for your business or personal website? It isn’t news that excellent content is a lifeblood of a blog.

That is why all bloggers strive to get their blogs updated with unique and quality content on a daily basis. Just to create freshness that search engine loves and to keep readers overly engaged.

Creative blog post ideasIf you have been a daily/weekly or monthly content creator, unique articles provider in your blog or other blogs as a guest blogger, no doubt there are some point in time when you are stuck while forming creative blog post ideas that keeps your content marketing on the track.

In this article entitled “creative blog post ideas: are you stuck?”, I explain some techniques to keep you inspired of excellent blog post ideas  and creating contents that make your blog user engaging  and search engine friendly.

Creative blog post ideas generating strategies

If you had once been stuck of blogging ideas, you know how painful it is trying to get the blog updated with fresh blog post consistently. It can be daunting though, with this article you can never be short of ideas to keep your blog content ever refreshing.

  • Comprehensive “how to” tutorial
  • Online business and personal life experience
  • Produce featured blog post on bloggers’ profiles
  • Blog post ideas from twitter
  • Creative blog post ideas from your favourite blogs
  • Create a review blog post
  • chance the weather
  • Make a post that helps your readers with their cash-flow
  • Create a post to narrate your blogging success story
  • Make a blog post with content curation

Comprehensive “how to” guide/tutorial: Stand as a trainer or teacher

  • Use your search queries: Brainstorm. Start from your own self. Proffer a solution t the problems you recently faced and solved in your niche. What are the questions you recently injected to search engine. Compile the problems, the solutions and methods you come up with in form of a step-by-step “how to” article on that particular issue or subject matter.
  • Find out people’s problems/agitation: this is where your forum comes to play. I mean the forum where you are personally active. This forum plays a vital role in coming up with post ideas. Drive through various thread in the forum and get acquainted with the common problems the user are facing. Help them out and request for the feedback to know which offer actually helps. This has great benefits in coming up with fresh content ideas for your blogs.

The blog content produced in this manner solves current problems internet users are facing. It might be in relation to usage of new software released, search engine updates, CMS update issues, provoking news. The lists are endless depending on your blog niche.


It is an excellent avenue to come up with monetized contents that solve problems in choosing a premium product in form of promotional offers.

Make a blog post to share your online experience


Experience relating to your niche and business: Everyone has experience in whichever hobby or business s/he is endeared. This is high time (when you are stuck of blog post ideas) you shared few of the experience you acquired in the past  week, month (or other time frame) on your blogging  and/or online business in general. What do you experience in your  website income generation, your traffic, conversion and  marketing as a whole. Someone like John Chow is well-known for always sharing his online revenue. many a time he share his experience on how much he makes online, the trend he observed. He is never get stuck of ideas or making epic posts on his blog. No wonder Michael Chibuzor followed suite in his article here on the John Chow blog. You too can share yours.

It isn’t only success story that makes it.  Every successful people had once failed. Your readers like to hear and really want to learn from your failure. Do tell them and make the epic article on your blog.

Your personal life experience: This is the beauty of blogging. It isn’t all about business formality. What i love about blogging is the personalization inherent in it. You need to relate with your audience personally to achieve blogging success. So, share your personal life experience especially those that have close proximity to your blogging business.

Make  featured blog posts

Interview: You can conduct interviews with successful bloggers relating to your blog niche. Aside from adding valuable contents to your blog, interviewing successful blog owners is a great way to boost your blog visibility, awareness as well as traffic. Nicholas Tarts gives an awesome tips for creating blog interviews for your blog.

Blogger Bio: This is a close associate with interviewing bloggers. Here, you don’t have to send forth series of questions as in interview. The bloggers are invited to write about themselves, their experience, up and down, success and share the valuable ideas on your blogs. Let them have more exposure of the profile. This is an excellent way to produce creative blog post for your audience and ease blogging stress.

Blog post ideas from twitter

If you’re an active user of twitter, you have a great platform at hand to generate content ideas. Here are some magical tricks you can adopt to get amazing information on what to blog about from twitter.

Twitter search: search for more generic keyword around a topics ideas (this might require initial brainstorming but quite easy to come up with one or two) on twitter and gather the information around the web on the topics. Twitter search is a great way to get a clue on what engaging contents are and prepare you to come up with one. Master the headlines and read through the posts. drill down the point  you come across. Before you know it you already have tons of blog post ideas to be published on your blog.

Your twitter stream: You twitter stream is quick way to get excellent post ideas for your blog. You’ll find this much useful if you have followed great people in your industry. browse through your stream and see which topics seems ho across the web. Think of the way you can make a unique input, ideas to the information trend. you aren’t limited to your own account stream, scrutinize the stream of the influencers and niche leaders who has in one way or the other inspired you.

There are a lot of strategies you can adopt to use twitter to you advantage in coming up with great blog post ideas and free yourself from writing blocks. Check Roy Povarchik article on 5 ways to generate blockbuster post ideas using twitter here and Zemanta resource on how to use twitter for blog post ideas.

 Creative blog post ideas from your favourite blogs

There exist some blog around the web that catch your attention and pique your interest. It isn’t bad ideas to write about them. You didn’t just become a loyal reader of those blogs. Make a list of those blogs and create unique posts about

  • The features of the blogs.
  • The benefits the blogs earn the readers. Tell your readers the reason you like and value the blogs.
  • Th brain behind the existence and running of the blogs
  • Comparing those blogs features.

This isn’t limited to blogs. You can write about

  • The social bookmarking sites that helps grow your business/blog.
  • Internet marketing forums or other types of forums that you think might solve your readers’ problems.
  • Internet marketing sites, products lunches that interest you.

Business goal. To-do-list on your blog

this is the time to tell your audience your monthly goals (or other time frame). Let them know the blueprint your design to achieve a set of goals for your readers. For instance, tell them (If you had planned so) in a blog post

  • How frequent or regular your post schedule is going to be in the coming month.
  • Your target website/blog metrics within a stipulated period of time and how you’ve planned to achieve this.
  • What resolution have you made for the coming month or year? It is worth sharing.

Create a review blog post

Review the recent product (digital or non-digital) you purchased and used if you think the product can, in some way benefit your audience. It isn’t only the products that have affiliate connection you can share and review on your blog.

Once you found the product useful and problem-solving, it is worthy being reviewed and shared. You are good to give it a move. it is though, an added advantage if you can make some affiliate commission from such review. That makes the review a double-honoured blog post.

  • Problem-solving, benefit-yielding to the readers
  • Money-making to the blog owner.

Chance the weather

What does the weather speak of your business? How does it relate to the business niche you follow.Most business are closely related to the season of the year. And the sales thereof are as well greatly influenced. you might have seen many bloggers and site owners on summer and winters, shopping and travelling during specific season or quarter of the year. They make relevant contents their readers love and make money thereof.

  • What time of the day you get better result from your promoted offer compared to the other day time. It’s a business weather you can write about.
  • Some products get seasons, write about the season, integrate the products reviews. This makes your reader happy and makes you money.

Make a post that helps your readers with their cash-flow

If you really care about your readers, potential, it’s a good idea to share with them the most economical way to get the items they need. Help them to make the best buying decision. Share the sales coupon relating to your niche. It might the best thing they desire as of the moment.

Help them with their cash flow by providing

  • a way to get discounts from their shopping.
  • an updated coupons for various promoted items.
  • price-based comparison blog post on tools you use for blogging and marketing.

Tell your blogging success story

I’ve mentioned earlier something similar (sharing your experience). You can as well make blog posts on your success so far in the blogging arena.

  • How you became an online icon to be reckoned with
  • How you grab your readers’ attention.
  • how you build these quality and safe backlinks to your blogs.
  • How you develop that huge traffic and massive readers.
  • How your blog keeps generating consistent income.
  • How your blog became a reference point for internet community.

And most of all,

they want to know how you turn your blogs to real successful online business empire. These are few things among others, your blog readers wish to know. Why don’t you share with them in your next blog post.

Make a blog post with content curation

Content curation is great way to make a blog post when you are stuck of ideas. You just read a book? What about the web contents from websites and blogs you red during the week? And they caught your attention. It’s time to curate the contents. Create an excellent post topic and make amazing, creative blog post from them.

content curation is one of the best way to enhance your content marketing. it involves bringing together contents/article from various location to your reader in form of a single blog post. It’s highly beneficial for blog readers as they are helped out of searching day and night for those valuable contents.

If you’re new to content curation or you want to bring your content curation strategies to another level (next level), I recommend Mark Learner 5 ways to curate content for your content marketing. And if you want to know when and why you should curate contents for your blog, be it personal or business, and/or you content marketing as a whole, you can peep Mark Sherbin blog post: Should you curate content? The essentials every content marketer needs to consider.


Your Clue?

Have you once been stuck of blog post ideas? How do you come up with creative blog post ideas for your business or personal blog? I’ll like to hear from you through the comment section. If you enjoy this post and think it can be beneficial to someone, don’t hesitate to share on your favourite social media.

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