Conversion Rate Optimization: Experts Tips and Tricks

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important online marketing tactic. Effort to increase conversion rate of your website should be seconded  only to search engine optimization ( given that social strength of website is a cardinal part of SEO). Conversion rate experts over the years remain on the long-term debate on what best practices really work for optimising conversion rate to make more sales and increased revenue.

conversion rate optimization

In this article “Conversion rate optimisation: Expert tips and tricks”, I explained some proven facts and techniques. If you adopt these traffic conversion strategies within your website or blog, you’re in the right track to improve your website traffic conversion rate. As is always said, there is a next level and this concept of CRO (Conversion rate optimization) isn’t an exception.

What does conversion rate mean?

And how can you make the best of your website traffic by increasing conversion rate?

Conversion rate measures the percentage of the prospects (website visitors and  readers that land on your content page be it on your website or other websites) who takes the action that go in line with the goals for which the content or the page is made.

Here are possible conversion signals. Any of the actions turns passive website visitors to active prospects, clients or customers.

  • Your visitors buy your products or order your service.
  • Your free marketing book is downloaded.
  • Visitors register on your site.
  • When a visitor becomes an affiliate, conversion is recorded.
  • They opt-in for your newsletters, RSS feed and other forms of subscription.
  • Visitors drop their feedback in form of email, phone call and online chat.
  • All other forms of actions that you desire from visitors to your pages.

Conversion rate calculation

From the definition of the conversion rate given above, you can easily calculate your overall website conversion or a landing page conversion. In reality, all the pages on your website attempt to achieve a specific goal. The gravity of the page to specific goal may differ. That is why we most often talk of landing page.

To get the conversion rate of the page or the entire website, there is a need to define the expected goal first. This, as mentioned above can be sales made, lead generated, opt-in subscription.

  1. Get the total number of conversion for the page or the entire website.
  2. From your website analytics tool, find out the numbers of hits (visitors landing) on the page or the entire website if the goal  conversion is applicable to all the pages on your website.
  3. Divide the numbers in 1 above by the number in 2. Multiply the result by 100. That gives the conversion rate of the page or website.

Let say for instance, out of every 70 visitors that land on your website, 2 visitors take the required action, then the conversion rate expressed as a percentage is calculated as:


What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a marketing tactic to increase sales, leads, opt-in  (and all other forms of conversion metrics) on a website without needing to increase the website traffic or invest in online advertising.

Just how the SEO game gives you a better chance to optimize your website content to get free organic traffic without spending dollars and improve the content visibility. Conversion rate optimization gives you the opportunity to increase website revenue, lead generation, sales and customers without buying additional traffic.

Conversion rate optimization has great connection with your traffic metrics and thus involves the use of your website traffic report to figure out your customers needs, sources as well as their feedback to give them better experience and engagement that eventually lead to high conversion rate.

Since conversion rate optimization is based on figurative metrics and data analysis (provided in your site analytic tools), it’s important to carry out testing and twisting to come up with optimized website and/or landing page that get better conversion. With high conversion rate, you’ll discover you don’t need as much traffic you as you might think before you make money from your blog/website.

Why conversion rate optimization? Of what benefits?

Why do you have to care about your website conversion rate? Are all the efforts to increase it really worthy? Let see how effective conversion rate optimization is on your website users engagement and overall income generating capacity.

Conversion rate optimization helps you

  • Have a better understanding of your visitors, their needs and preference.
  • It gives you an edge above your competitors. Most people seldom focus on conversion rate optimization. They instead pay attention to traffic generation through various means as social media, PPC and search engine optimization. Such people forget that increased conversion also play vital role in generating viral traffic. Yes, you have the slight edge above them.
  • Get more leads without spending extra dime on getting more traffic.
  • Get more engaged visitors to your site. This makes your site more search engine friendly. It also improves your SEO benefits and earns you more organic traffic.
  • Conversion rate optimization helps improve the visitors’ experience on your site. This improves your credibility and overall brand identity.
  • Convert your visitors to prospects and prospects to customers.
  • Get recurrent visits to your websites.
  • Conversion rate optimisation is easier and cheaper than traffic generation.
  • increase your website revenue.

How to increase conversion rate

  1. Is you website not claiming friendly visitors from millions of internet users? I mean quality visitors perfect for your business model?
  2. Your website stats insight shows that the number of visitors that makes incomplete action in your sales funnel is appreciably high.
  3. You website design, marketing content and copy elements as a whole don’t yield sufficient conversion and you have to increase the website conversion rate.

Then all you have to do is optimising the website rate of traffic conversion. The trips and tricks below are proven tactics to increase conversion rate of your lead page and the entire pages on your website so that you make best use of your current traffic.

  1. Building trust to increase conversion rate.
  2. Speak out the benefits.
  3. Optimising your website: Make a simple web design.
  4. Use headlines that sell.
  5. Prominent and clear “call-to-action”.
  6. Optimize pop-ups?
  7. Improve your site performance.
  8. Increase conversion rate by solving problems and creating value.
  9. Optimize conversion rate with sense of urgency and deadline.
  10. Increase conversion by connecting with your audience.

1. Building trust to increase conversion rate

Why do you have to build the trust? What effect does building trust level has on increasing website conversion rate? The answer isn’t far-fetched. People wont buy even the best offer at incredibly low price from whom they don’t trust. Unless the casual buyers and blinded risk takers.

And I keep saying this, the major factor responsible for varied conversion rates website owners do record is the varying level of readers trust. But

how can you improve the trustworthiness of your website? Does this have anything to do with conversion rate optimization?

You can increase your website conversion and users trust  by understanding what makes people trust a website and/or what makes people trust you and value your recommendation?

There are some things, some element that make you and your website trustworthy. Let me highlight some below:

Make a professional look website. Avoid errors of all sorts. Error of information, grammatical, spelling and structural errors. the structural error includes broken links. All these form of error mar credibility and conversion rate.

Embed important element that improve trust. These are necessary ingredient your website must have to get the required customer trust. the trust to convert them to your goal.

Include clear contact information: This can be in form of phone number on every page. Better still, you can have a separate contact page in which you can have physical address, contact form and/or links to your social media.

About us page. Does the website represents a business entity? It’s a good practise to dedicate a page on your website to let the readers know what the business or website is all about. What they should expect out of the website. The visitors like to understand the brain behind the business and/or website. Present the profile of the key contributors, the staff and founder of the establishment. Provide the links where the visitors can learn and connect more with those brains.

Spell your terms of use (TOS) and privacy policy. Privacy policy is an essential website element that aids conversion rate optimisation.In an attempt to increase your conversion rate, check if you have customers privacy policy in place. The visitors to your site really need to know how secure their information is. This isn’t only their transactional information. The information that has to do with their payment. They also want to know if their personal information remains confidential. Make a clear privacy policy. A dedicated page might be created for this.

Be personal. You run a personal website? Let your contents and of course all elements your website speak of your personality. Let them know the real person behind the virtual estate.

Buttress the accuracy and reliability of your website content with facts. Make the information you provided reliable with inclusion of users testimonial, researched publication, articles and citation from a trustworthy authority.

  • Leverage social proof
  • use customers/users feedback

Embed trust seals. Do you have an online/offline award and certification concerning your business. Don’t hesitate to embed them on your website. Trust seal improves visitors’ trust and that helps greatly in conversion rate optimization.

Watch and disclose promotional contents of your website. Conversion rate optimization requires that you watch the offers you promote closely. Go only for quality and what you believe could benefit your website users. It’s as well important to make it clear when you are promoting through affiliate link i.e commission disclosure.

I’ve heard many affiliate marketers saying how they lift their affiliate products sales through commission disclosure. The customers will be more willing to buy through you as a mean of compensation for the value you provided them through your site.

2. Speaking out the benefits improves conversion rate

Increasing conversion rate goes beyond speaking out the benefits your offer or website itself provides. There is a need to propagate “what is there” for the prospects to get the offer. The other side of the tactics shouldn’t be overlooked neither. Hammer what the prospects are likely to lose if they don’t take the action. Highlight the benefits to the readers in a clear format.

Express explicitly how the product and/service could benefit your readers.

3. Optimising your website: Make a simple web design

This has to do with the design and layout of your website. Optimise your website in a way that visitors landing on your pages sight what they need.

Ease of use: The layout must enhance easy navigation, menu arrangement and orientation. This helps in improving overall performance of the website as a whole.

Relevancy: The contents of each page must be relevant and highly connected with the target and/or likely referring  keywords of the page.

Readability: The layout of your webpage must enhance readability. Text and background combination must pass the readability test. Use legible text,font, size and colour.

Engagement: Establish engagement in line with the page goal. Don’t create distraction with unnecessary flashy images. All media must be involved in converting the page goal.

4. Conversion rate optimization: Use headlines that sell

Catchy and persuasive headlines create first strong impression. Use the headlines that speak well of your contents. Your headlines are the first words of your contents that the searchers and visitors to your website read. Most often, the headlines are the first things that either pique the readers’ attention to read more of your content or detracts their minds and send them away. Such repulsion you need to avoid with beautiful and attractive headlines.

Right choice of headlines can increase conversion rate of your pages on the SERPs and grant you high CTR. It arouses the users’ interests to read more of your content. This leads to better engagement on your blog/website. When your website visitors rightly consume your message, you won their mind and they are more likely to take the action you desired towards your blog and marketing goals.

5. Prominent and clear “call-to-action”

Call to action simply means telling your visitors what action you want them to take within the blog or website. In your own side “call-to-action” is an action to fulfil the  page goal and/or the blog as a whole. Here are the ways your “call-to-action” could positively influence your goal conversion rate.

Make your call to action visible. Use it to create emotional discourse. Repeated call to action is an essential ingredient for optimizing website conversion rate.

Make the call to action attractive. Is the call to action a text, button or image? The more attractive it is the better the chance of conversion – High conversion rate.

Let it stand out. Call to action that converts most is the one that stands out of the content. Use the colour to distinguish it from the rest of the page elements so that prospects can easily sight it. Another way to make it stand out is to position it above the fold. See more about location below.

Optimise the location. The location of the call to action of a page affects the conversion rates. Many options are available within the blog or website. you have the header, the footer and the side widget areas. To get an optimised position, there is a need for testing and twisting until you come up with the best convertible call to action.

Leverage contextual “call-to-action”. One thing I like about contextual “call-to-action” is the persuasive benefits when such action words are placed at some points within your marketing content in form of clickable links. You can try this within your blog posts and email newsletter/marketing. Beware, however not to overuse as over usage of call to action within blog posts sometimes affects free flow of reading and may annoy your reader. When the message and valuable information the content is expected to provide is obstructed. Don’t forget a “call-to-action” at the end you blog post.

6. Do you use pop-ups? Optimize it

It isn’t a doubt that pop-up helps increasing goal conversion on a website or blog. i must tell you that how pop-up is used is much more important. Pop-up can adversely affects not only the page goal conversion but the site as a whole if not well used. Take note of these tips if you’re using pop on your website to increase traffic conversion.

  • Make the close button apparent/obvious so that the visitors can have the choice to close the pop-ups as they desired.
  • Don’t make the pop-up time so long as to get the visitors discouraged.
  • let it be welcoming. A message like appreciation (Thanks You for Visiting) to the blog/website visitors for stopping by on the blog before call to action message helps improve the pop-up conversion tendency.
  • Regulate it. Use JavaScript or otherwise. Don’t let the pop-up appears to your visitors at every visit. Set the time, weekly or monthly through the users’ cookies.

7. Improve your site performance

Conversion rate optimization can’t be separated from website performance. How fast does you site load? Research has shown that improving site performance, speed is a significant approach to increase conversion rate. If you really want to figure out how your website loading time impacts your conversion rate and why you must include the pages loading time to your conversion rate optimization process, check the moz’s  blog post by Zoompf on How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with a Faster Website

8. Increase conversion rate by solving problem and creating value.

Aside from hammering the features and  benefits your products offer them, let your visitors know in explicit words how taking such action could solve their problems. That is why you have to understand your readers needs in the first instance. Moreover, there isn’t any need for a visitor to connect with you on social media, or subscribe to you newsletter if no problem is solved on their part from the action.

Pay attention to your customers’ problems and pain rather more than your attempt to sell them your offer and make money out of them. This has enormous effect on your conversion rate optimization.

9. Optimize conversion rate with sense urgency and deadline.

how to increase conversion rate with urgency and deadline

Urgency and deadline are good conversion rate optimization strategies. You need to add deadlines and create sense of urgency to your marketing copy to move customers to take actions.

There are two proven marketing tactics that increase conversion rate of lead pages, sales copy and many other form actions. Then, how can you induce sense of urgency and deadline to optimize your site conversion rate?

You can create urgency and deadlines by


  • Limiting the time the promotional offer will be available.
  • Let the readers know that the products and offers are getting out of the stocks while demanding and order keep increasing.
  • Tell them the price of the offer can never remain the same and may hike any moment later.

10. Connect with your website visitors

Your marketing intent to increase your website conversion rate is only a mirage if you can’t connect with the website visitors. You connect with them, their brain physically and emotionally. Successful conversion rate optimization of your online marketing starts from deep connection and engagement with your audience. Only engaged visitors are likely to convert to repeated customers. Here are just the highlight of the strategies you can adopt to establish visitors connection and improve the page conversion.

Leverage Social proof

You should be found on social media in connection with your website. This isn’t a post on the benefits of social media to web marketing. I mentioned it because is a great way to optimize your website conversion and you should never let it out of  your conversion rate optimization techniques.

It’s just simple. People tend to listen to recommendation from their categories. People tend to follow trend. They align with majority action. This is how we access an action. The “principle of conformity” or “conformity bias”. We place more value to people perception of things than what the things really are. Strive to acquire more social share. Get attention of influencers.

Embed testimonials

This is twins to social media. Testimonial is just a way of bringing the social proof to your copy for the purpose of increasing the copy conversion rate. This is an effective way to optimize conversion rate of your sales and product pages.

Why? The prospects are hearing from the consumers who have made a bold step ahead them. They were once like the readers before they took the action. Now they have taken the action and come back to testify whether the seller claims are real and trustworthy. The testimonial can come in form of review and endorsement from influencers.

11. Always deliver what you promise. The best conversion tips.

The key to win customers in the long-term is to over deliver. Deliver more than you promise. Under promise and over deliver. If you aren’t willing to under promise due to the large competition within the internet crowd, make you sure you spell out the benefits, features and the problem the offer solves. Don’t promise beyond what the offer can fulfil. This will ensure that your customers remain happy with your offer and make them willing to stay with you.

Create a sense of surprise. Give your customers more than they expect in value.

You can as well hire conversion rate experts to optimize your goal conversion. The results in increasing revenue worth the investment. With these optimization tips and tricks, I believe you easily optimize your website and increase conversion rate without spending money.

Now let me here your thought. Have you any clue on conversion rate optimization? Give us your ideas.

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      Appropriate measuring tools should be put in place as well to keep the track of how the metrics (conversion rate) is progressing.

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