Common Blogging Problems Demystified


Common Blogging ProblemsHow to overcome the common blogging problems? If you are new to blogging or aspire to be a blogger in the soonest, you might consider blogging art either as an easy or difficult task. This depends largely on your perception about the concept of blogging. Is blogging really as easy as many think or too hard to be successful therein as a career?

Blogging isn’t an act without hurdles and hitches. This article explains the challenges and problems bloggers face with blogging business and the way out (solution) with just little effort that pays huge reward.

Is blogging really an easy or difficult task?

The response to this question is very far from affirmation. Blogging is by no mean an easy task. If you’re starting out, chances are you choose blogging because of the erroneous notion it is that easy. This is worth even more consideration if you want to take blogging as a career or at least to generate extra money as a part-time blogger.

Common blogging problems and solutions

You may not discover this onset but I must say it so that you fasten your belt and prepare your mind and body to face the challenges.

  1. Blog name, topic and niche decision problem
  2. The challenge to get blog updated with quality contents
  3. Problems in choosing suitable blog platform
  4. Design and functionality problem
  5. Challenges involved in traffic generation
  6. Blog monetization problem

How to choose a blog name,  topic and  niche that is profitable?

“Blog naming and description” is a critical foundation to the success of a blog. Why? The name is the first point of sights of your readers. It must excite the attention and attract them to go further down your blog or website. Getting a good title for a blog is more or less of “inspiration and research”.

This is a challenge you must stand by before you choose a domain name and the associated description for your blog. The description of your blog is a summary of the contents of your blog at a glance. Mere looking at a god blog description should give the readers ideas on what information is likely to be found within the blog as a whole.


Inspiration is a product of deep thought catalysed by environment and experience. Inspiration could come from any angle. It comes from observed occurrence of an event. Meditation and deep brainstorming are used to induce inspiration (mental inducement). This is the best way to come up with unique blog name that is characterised with originality, professionalism and good branding.


This involves digging into the connected and related brands within the scope of your blogging ideas. One common research methodology when it comes to web blog is the “keyword research and trending concept”.

Keyword research: This is explained with online keyword tools used  to know what terms online researcher/searchers are used to get the information they need from search engine.

Trending concept

One thing is to know what is currently hot and in demand by large numbers of people i.e term popularity. This is rightly taken care of by the keyword and research analysis. Another thing is to find out how the term has been doing in the past and what it is likely to be the position of the concept in the near future. It is a measure of profitability in the long run. Check for upward and downward trend, the steepness of the trend over time.

This article is about blogging, let see how the concept of blogging trends globally on the internet. We use Google trends as an example. The trends present data on the scale of 0-100. The figures are normalised to measure the term popularity and comparison with other point in time. It doesn’t give absolute search volume. This is taken care by keyword tools.

January 2004: This year marks the inception of the boom of blogging among the internet users, online marketers and business owners. The term popularity that year is on the scale level 47.

July 2005: As from January 2004, the popularity of “blogging term” kept increasing until July 2005 when it rises to 98 on the popularity scale.

How to get name and description for your blog using Google trend

Blogging Global search trend on Google trend

January 2008: The years between 2005 and 2008 are not in favour of the term “blogging“. The term popularity however experienced hike between December 2007 and January 2008 when the popularity was overly at its peak at 100.

September 2014: The downward trend continues from 2008 up till now September when the record hits 36 on the scale.

The trends could give you the ideas of the world interest on the blog topic you wish to take. Many other things have to be considered when you’re researching the hot topic for your blog. These include but not limited to

  • Target audience: global or local audience.
  • Demography
  • Your interest and skill
  • The monetization potential, more on this later

This is a business and you have to do your fundamental work quite very well. You must define your vision and focus. Let for instance you came up with a concept and you want to target local audience, see how the explanation of the “blogging concept” (example above varies). I’m from Nigeria and if otherwise I want to target Nigeria market based on my concept. The “Google trends” gives the opportunity to check for terms popularity on local basis.

How popular is the concept Blogging in Nigeria

Blogging trends in Nigeria

Blogging didn’t assume any momentum in Nigeria until January 2011 when the popularity hits the peak on the scale of 100. It is followed by downward and upward trends (Zigzag) until the present year September 2014.

One thing that is worth attention. That is the present trending on both global and Nigeria level. Now on the global line, there is a downward trend and an upward trends on Nigerians interest. You can test run this on any locality of choice.

Can you see a different story?. That is why you have to dig down your research based on your goal before you start blogging to avoid blogging inherent problems. With this you solve the problems associated with

Now your turn, practical aspect.

  • Brainstorm the various possible topics you can blog about
  • Check the concept you have more resources on. Your bookshelf and local library come to mind
  • Think of the skill you acquired. The subject you know more than many others.
  • The common problems people face around. If people face the problems around you, there are great chances that others face the same problem around the world. Create a topic that solve the problems.
  • Consider using a keywords tool to broaden your ideas. I use Keywords revealer. You can check it here. They have both free and pro version.

How to get the blog updated with regular unique contents?

The concept “content is king” is true. And the purpose of blogging in the first instance is to constantly pass message across to the readers. If you aren’t ready to write compelling contents or you don’t have the time blogging demands, it is better you stay away from blogging until the time you do.

The facts about blog contents

  1. Content rich blogs acquire more links.
  2. Content rich blogs have great customer retention and low bounce rate.
  3. Content rich blogs claim high position in the social medial words.
  4. Content rich blogs enhance conversion rate optimization.

By content rich we don’t mean junk and crappy contents. We’re talking contents rich in terms of quality and quantity. That is where the problem lies. How can you meet the challenge of quality and quantity in your blog content presentation?

Needless to say, you’ll understand me better if you ask yourselves “why are you on this blog or reading this article right now”. Either you are already a blogger having some blogging problems or you want to start blogging and you wish to get relevant information on what blogging entails. In all case you need an information.

Bloggers are information providers. They are tutors. They keep giving tips and tricks that solve their readers’ problems. If you are new to blogging or aspire to be one, you must be ready to take the challenges of keeping your blog content full.

Then the solution, how to get evergreen content for your readers?

Follow these hints to create contents people love to read and in turns attract enormous traffic to your blog:

Common problems: Whatever the niche (market subject) your blog is all about, there are common problems. If you blog about blogging, write  posts on common problems bloggers face while blogging and profer solution to the problems. If yours is internet marketing, talk about problems marketers face online. Your own is health and diets, think of  common health and diet problems. If you are into finance, lots of problems are on ground to solve. One thing about this concept is that problems keep coming up as some being solved. You wouldn’t be get out of content even if you adopt this system alone.

Research results: Did you recently carry out research on your business or blogging niche? You can publish the facts and data based on the result of the experiments. People tends to value the stats than mere statement of opinions. Closely related to this is “Newstelling”. Make an opinionated posts on the hot trending news within your blogging circle.

More content generating ideas: There are lots of ideas you can employ to come up with amazing contents for your blog. I’ve explained tips and tricks to come up with creative blog post ideas even you’re stuck. You can have fun with the ideas.

Which blogging platform should I choose?

There are huge numbers of blogging platforms around to choose from. If you’re new to blogging, you may find it difficult which platform is best for you. Most of the content management systems (CMS) that were not originally meant for blogging now has blogging component included in their features. These CMS include Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace and Weebly. They are integrated with good blogging features.

I’ve used some of these blogging platforms in the past. And these days, I’ve streamlined my choice to Blogger at blogspot and WordPress. I believe the two are sufficient for my internet marketing business and I can easily implement my campaign strategies with the mere two.

I might not be stressing the importance and comparison of these two blogging platforms in this post. Each platform has it best points of use. If you’re starting and really mean business blogging, WordPress is a must to have. And I mean self hosted WordPress. WordPress has two options. WordPress hosted blog at and Self hosted at Aside being a free blogging platform, WordPress has first class functionality provided through great repository of themes and plugins.

Don’t stress yourself on which platform to choose for your business blogging career. Stay with WordPress. It is a free CMS application and you only need to procure a domain name and a hosting service which cost just few dollars per month plus the readiness to learn basic ABC. Simple, yes it is as simple as that. Lest I may forget, make sure you choose a good web hosting company for your blogging to prevent incessant downtime that could mar your integrity as a business blogger and/or internet marketer. Don’t forget your blog is a business empire.

How to choose Blog Design and Functionality?

True fact about blog design: The first thing anyone who land on your blog see and note is the blog look and design. It creates the first impression. One of the very first challenge a blogger face is making the design decision. The design either fails the visitors or keep them to read your amazing contents and offers. Are you ready to stand up for the challenges? Just keep reading. The more you move down the more the whole thing is demystified.

How to overcome blog design difficulties

Come up with Amazing blog design

You have very few seconds to make the visitors to your blog sticky or make them bounce. The retention of visitors and getting them attracted to your bog is determined by the look and the design of you blog. That is why you have to make the right decision from the very first lunch of the blog.

Decision on which theme to choose for a blog can pose difficulties especially if you are new to blogging platform in question or the concept of blogging as a whole. This blog runs on WordPress platform.

When I started the blog, I was faced with the problem of choosing perfect theme that readily attracts visitors and quickly turns them to readers. It was indeed a problem because of the overloaded theme supply from WordPress theme repository. Follow the following tips to come up with the best theme that makes your blog looks professional and business oriented.

Your blog design budget: Do you have a plan to go for premium design and/or theme with a fee? Or you want to stay by the free theme? Decide this before you start. Great numbers of good looking free themes are available. Just know what you really want.

Industry and niche related theme: Some themes are general -purpose. Some are designed to work well for different niche. Choose the one related to your blog niche.

Define the layout and features you valued. Themes come in different features and layout. There are single column, double column (2-column) and 3-column design features for a theme. Then the customization level based on colour, font.

Give preference to simplicity. Themes are more complex than one another. When you’re just starting out, don’t put yourself in complex customisation problem. Go for theme that could easily be customised. The most important thing is the aesthetic, appealing look with high level of readability. I don’t encourage complex design and feature. Let it be as simple as possible.

The Navigation: This constitutes user-friendly interface UI. Customising blog navigation might prove difficult depending on the theme flexibility. Consider this while you’re making a choice.

Multi-browser compatibility: Recently I received a trackback from a spammer asking me to check my blog for internet explorer compatibility. He said there was an issue with my great content blog on internet explorer thinking to get approval and link from my blog. I knew it was a spam. I happened to be a fan of chrome browser (yes as a blogger). As I recently updated my theme I checked my blog on IE. You know what? It had even a better look. The point of the story, use a theme that has great looks across all browser.

Site width, layout and spacing: Your blog should allow for white space to prevent reading strain. The layout, width and spacing also play part in the blog monetisation through various channel. Choose theme that allows easy width, layout and spacing modification without the need to know programming or inserting excessive lines of codes.

Then we come to the functionality of the blog. Whatever the blogging platform you choose, there available lots of plugins and widgets to add value and functionality to your blog. A point of care here though plugins are great spices to blogging, unnecessary and/or overuse could have bad effect on your blogging career. How do you overcome this hurdle? This is simple. Don’t use plugin on your website unless absolute necessary. And when you do, go for light-weight plugins to prevent

  • Slow load pages. High speed loading is essential for the success of your blogs to readers and search engine ranking.
  • Unnecessary server overload that could claim much of your dollars that could have been easily saved in hosting.

Traffic generation problem: How to overcome it

What else should I do to attract people to my blog? I’ve made several attempts to get enough traffic to the blog but to no avail. Don’t worry. Traffic remains the common problem of bloggers as well as website owners. Why? Because no matter how much traffic you get you aspire to have more? That makes the concept of traffic generation and increase a common challenge for the internet marketers.

For the beginners, it could be very daunting if traffic isn’t coming as expected. It is normal. Unless the blogs whose owners have established themselves in the online marketing world, blogs seldom pool traffic when it’s newly lunched. Traffic generation is demanding and I can’t cover this subject in-depth in this post. Meanwhile, let dive in a little bit.

Traffic Formula: How to Attract Traffic To Your Website

In the links above, I explained several methods of driving targeted traffic to your website. I don’t expect you to stick to all the methods mentioned but you have to do testing and see the most appropriate methods for your blog. In case you’ve applied some of the methods but to no avails, try other methods. If the journey seems difficult, it is time for you to evaluate your blog. I mean “blog traffic evaluation

Evaluating your blog and action to drive traffic

You’ve indeed struggled to get the desired traffic. At least the one enough to start making money from your blog. Everything to no avail. The next thing is to evaluate your blog using your website traffic report.

Content strategies

Blog continuous traffic success depends largely on this “Major Four” when it comes to content/blog marketing. People say quality + quantity. But I say


Content sheer volume (Quantity): You need to check how much content page your blog have. Beware of thinned-content blog. That is why I mentioned it above “If you aren’t ready to devote time for blogging, don’t start yet”. It  is much more difficult to revive a dying blog than starting a successful one. And you have to take this “Don’t expect much traffic if you don’t have enough contents published in your blog. Otherwise you’ll spend fortune on paid traffic generation tactics.

Content quality: One thing is quatity, another thing is the quality. The quality rules. Make sure you go for quality contents. In few words, ask yourself: “Is my content the type I’ll bookmark if I find it on another website/blog?” If your contents aren’t adding value to the readers, they can’t pool reasonable traffic. You will just continue to sweat on traffic generation for the blog.

Contents target: Your blog must be specific and targeting to achieve marketing goal. The problems with blogs are mostly lack of proper targeting. That apart, your blog contents must be targeting. Create contents valuable for the specific group you want on your blog. The more you do this the more you get them sticky- more returning visits.

Content Promotion: Do you really promote your contents. See your marketing contents as a product that needs market. Of course it is a product- a product of your effort, and the offer you want to sell to your audience. Take your products (contents) to the market before it start promoting itself. Quality contents have one inherent characteristics. That is self promotion but your initial promotional effort is the enhancing catalyst.


Keyword strategies and organic traffic

Here you need some tools to evaluate the performance of your keywords on search engines. You check your blog stats to know how much of your traffic comes from search engine if any. And which keywords are used by users to find the blog on the web. Let take Google webmaster tool (GWT). Go to the “search queries” under traffic section. The keywords for which your blog appears on SERPs are listed. This gives you the opportunity to optimise your blog for better keywords. Assume this as the screenshot of your Google webmaster tool

how to solve blog traffic problems with Google webmaster tool

Keyword 1 : This keyword has a good impression with a fair Click Through Rate (CTR). Optimizing the page to which this keyword is pointing alone could sky-rocket your blog traffic. It has avg. position 8.6. Each step you move up in the SERPs triples your CTR for that keyword. If you manage to get to position 1 on Google, you have the potential to get up to 36.5% of the search volume. 36.5% of 2799 gives 1021 clicks instead of 103 click you currently have. That is whooping 900% increment in organic traffic from that single keyword.

Keyword 2: This is a long tail keyword product of a blog post that wasn’t at all target. And it ranks at position 36 (4th page of Google SERPs). It has a very good impression. Using the problem solving tips mentioned above (i.e keyword research and Google trends) to solidify the research and see the possibility of creating a content page for that long tail keyword as the title. I mean you create a separate blog post to target and optimize for that long-tail keyword.

Keyword 3: I particularly target this two-word keyword in one of my post. It manages to get to the third position. The problem I face with this blog post as being manifest in the analysis is that it generates zero traffic from that target keyword. That doesn’t mean the effort made in creating the post is fruitless. The post keeps generating traffic from long-tail keywords and referrer traffic through inbound links (more on this latter). I need to optimize and promote that page until I get good traffic from the search engine based on the target keyword.

keyword 4: The effort should be made to optimize that content page to move my site to the front page of Google. The CTR is fair for a 2nd page of SERPs. No organic traffic improvement is expected until the post is optimised and promoted to gain first 3 position in Google.

Keyword 5: I didn’t optimize any of my blog posts for this keyword. I wonder how it even got that single click for that SERPs position. The best way is to make another post that is optimize for that keyword. The webmaster tool shows that my site have a better opportunity to rank for that keyword in SERPs to get better traffic.

You could see how traffic problem is partly solved by making proper analysis of your website keywords and position on SERPs using Google webmaster tool. This is however a tip of iceberg as we can draw more useful information from the analysis. It is better of if you integrate your Google Analytics with Google webmaster tool for your blog.

Inbound referrers

I made mention of inbound referrer above. The question is basically how you can optimize your inbound referrer to increase your blog traffic? Inbound referrer are the referrer traffic that results from your inbound links in other blogs and websitesI shall not be discussing how to get inbound links to your blog but the optimization of your existing inbound links.

The inbound links do vary in terms of quality and features. Some inbound links are important for SEO and PageRank. Some are the best bet for huge traffic generation. This is where we want to look into. And this is how we do it.

Traffic problem demystified with inbound referrers optimization

Find out from your Google Analytics (or other website traffic tool you use) for the referrer traffic under acquisition. Examine those referrer and see some of them that offer the best traffic benefit to your blog. From the day referrer traffic extract above, StumbleUpon seems to bring the most relevant inbound link traffic. I have to optimize it.

For the purpose of this post however, seems to be the giant in traffic generation. A daily view might not help in making such decision. You can extend it to weekly and monthly data to see which of the referring sites brings in most traffic over long time. I see great potential in the referrer.

Get more inbound links: You decide how you get the referrer you wish to optimize. Follow the same tactics to get  more links from many pages of the website/blog without spamming.

Promote the referring blog/site: The law of reciprocity applies. If you promote the influencing referrers, there is tendency they promote you and your site more. Mention them in your post. Use the authors’ names and their brands when applicable. You may need to link to their related resources sometimes.

Unique posts: Create  blog posts about them on your blog. Review their website and business value. This, if done rightly can also give added benefits for organic search traffic and quick index of your webpages depending on the authority and the popularity of the referrers. I made mention of this concept on my blog post on traffic generation formula through guest blogging.

Guest writing: Guest write on their blogs/websites. They already give you traffic juice without guest post. This is a potential signal that those web resources are good places to place your valuable contents.

In short, referring traffic optimization plays vital role in solving poor traffic problems to your blog. All you have to do is to track the source, how you got the associated inbound links and where (which page) on your blog the traffic is landing.

Building community of Audience

Building community of loyal readers is a great success print for your blog. And the major problems a blog could overcome is lack of interactions through returning visitors. This is more than mere traffic. Building community entails making your blog traffic stick. If you follow all the tips ( overcoming blogging problem tips) I mentioned above, you shall not have problem with building community around your blog.

Focus on creating quality contents that add value, solve readers’ problems. The contents that show your expertise in your industry keep readers sticky. Answer their questions and attend to their problems through comment and personal contact.

Engage with them with respect, tone of personality, unique voice and opinion. Raise your voice in the blogosphere with thoughtful comments on other blogs.

Overcoming blog monetization problem

I received several queries from blogger. And from the interaction I have with most of them, I haven’t seen a blogging problem that as frustrating as the monetization problems. Complaint here and there on poor conversion, poor ad clicks from adsense and many more. This kind of frustration can easily be explained from the fact that bloggers possible have done series of work on the blog before thinking of monetization. And the next pressing question is “how can I make money with this blog?

If you’ve followed all the techniques I mentioned above to overcome blogging problems, you wont find this difficult. The major cause of monetization problem most bloggers face is lack of planning prior to the lunch of the blog. The monetization potential is part of the vital factors in choosing niche and blog topics.

Here are few thing you should look into if your blog fail to generate income as expected.

Traffic Analysis: Check your traffic source. Traffic source greatly influences conversion differently for each niche. If the traffic source is targeted to the blog niche, the traffic is easily monetized. Otherwise it remains fruitless.

Is your content promotional?  If not, this is high time you did. When you make a post, always leave a hole to be filled with monetization. Your content should have elements of selling. It should propose the readers to purchasing action. Most bloggers, especially if not started with monetization do fear of making selling proposition. If you can overcome the fear and make your monetization apparent to your audience, you have a better chance of selling. That is where marketing disposition rules. You don’t feel shy to make a proposal to prospects. That is the main purpose. Of what benefits if the blog couldn’t serve its purpose. Let your contents promote something.

Selling yourself: If you can’t sell yourself, you sell anything or getting reasonable result from any forms of monetization you undertake. If your expertise isn’t established, your recommendation shall never be reckoned with. Then how will you recommend a products. Even if you want to go for mere ad monetization, without reasonable level of trust and expertise you’ll likely get poor CTR. Why? Any outbound links from your blog is stamp of vote. The more trust your readers have in you, the more they value your vote and follow the path. Sell your personality by showing expertise, build trust and you’re on the part of making money online with your blog.

The ingredients: You have to put together the ingredients to make beautiful pizza for your blog traffic. Put in place suitable strategies to get your visitors drop cash in your virtual shop. What did you prepare for them? Is it mere black and white? Create your own products, the one that solves your readers problems. The products that add value to the existence of your blog. Recommend related affiliate products as well to offer variety.


Blogging just like all other life endeavour has its challenges, the hurdles that most bloggers face before and after lunching their blogs. If you however, plan ahead of these problems, chances are you get across the road smoothly. Follow the blueprint I highlighted to overcome some of these common problems. And let me have the feedback.

Meanwhile, What problems have you ever faced during your blogging  job. How do you cope with those problems? Let me hear in the comment below.

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