Business or Hobby: How Do You Take Your Online Business

How do you take your internet marketing business? Do you handle it as a business or a hobby? Do you follow standard business rules and regulations? What do you take it for? Do you really take your online marketing as a business?

Business or hobby

I have seen many people online and offline among colleagues, friends, associates and others complaining that online business is difficult and not working for them.

I ,received lots of mails asking me “how does making money online work?” Some will mention years after years with nothing coming up.

I later found out that some of them are only doing what is contrary to their saying. They are saying they are doing online business while they are actually doing a hobby, or entertaining themselves online. They are not actually doing any business out of which something monetary can be expected.

There is a wide difference between business and hobby. Both are at the two extreme ends. Look at it this way.

  1. Business is an endeavour that structures a set of rules that must be followed consistently in minute detail in order to accomplish a set of goals.
  2. Hobby is anything you do at your leisure at your own will the way it pleases you.

So, you can see. You can also look into the purpose of establishing a business and engaging in a hobby thus:

  1. What is the general purpose of setting up a business?
  2. What is the purpose of engaging yourself in a hobby?

The answer is not far-fetched; you set up a business in order to make money by generating sales. You engage in a hobby just to entertain yourself and wipe away time.

In essence, if you want to make money online, you MUST set up a business online, I mean a real business that resides in a virtual estate. To be successful, you have to follow all the rules and regulations required to start and build real business online.

Online business is just a replicate of the normal offline businesses. The business you established and expected to generate sales through awareness and advertising. Of course, online business is not meant for everyone, the following will help you fashion out your money making from internet.

  • Research the market and see service or product that has marketing, sale and profit potential. The product and service that can attract the internet users. In online business, this is called niche or keywords research.

  • Set your mind that you want to engage in real business that will generate income.

  • Decide your goal, long-term or short-term business model.

  • Set your first target income. Some newbies start by aiming at one dollar $1. This will serve as an experimentation to test the viability and profitability of the chosen niche in short term.The common idea is to set 1000 dollars per month ($1000). The amount of money mentioned here is not that important. It is for experimentation and understanding of the system. Most time, a system that generates $1 can be expanded and duplicated to yield thousands of dollars profit and even more. It can rise to a high six-figure income.

  • Design your place of work. Don’t misconstrue this, you can do and manage your online business anywhere with computer and internet connection, home and away. However, you need to have a specific place in your house or office, a space that signals your brain and mood that you are in your working place anytime you are there so that no disturbance or distraction of any sort can cross from all possible angles.

  • You set your daily minimum working hours. This depends on you. It can be two or three hours. The most important thing is that you remain consistent in the working hours you chose.

  • Design and put in place the monitoring strategies that you want to use to explore the progress of your business and feasibility of your approach. There are lots of tools online, free and premium that can help to monitor the growth and progress of  various aspects of your online business and marketing.

  • Develop and uphold for yourself and employers, if any, standard business rules, laws and regulations that must be adhered to.

You need to reshape your mind regarding your thought about online business, prepare your mind that you are really doing a business that has profit and loss potential.

Even if it is only the time you are spending or investing in the business without spending a single cent, remember that time is the greatest investment, it is life from which something meaningful is expected in return.

Take your online business as a business not as a hobby and make it your assignment to market it well.

I believe if you follow this information, you can easily prepare yourself to embark on online business and marketing. If you find this post interesting, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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