Apr 18

The Truth About Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the important metrics shown in Google Analytic report (Google analytics bounce rate). The role bounce rate analytics plays in determining the performance of a web page and a website as a whole is very vital.

This article is all about bounce rate. It reveals the truth about bounce rate which is an important metric presented with virtually other site metrics in Google analytics.The Truth About Bounce Rate

Mar 30

WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss


Using the WordPress SEO tips and tricks that work within your blog isn’t a rocket science.

And you don’t have to be an SEO expert before you make your WordPress blog human and search engine friendly.WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks, Best Techniques and Clues

Even though WordPress is a blogging platform well coded and optimised for search engine,there is a need to do some Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) when using the CMS to develop  your blog or website.

Feb 14

Traffic Formula: How to Attract Traffic To Your Website

Over a couple of week now I received several questions as “how to attract traffic to my website”, How do I attract traffic to my blog for free? And all sorts of traffic questions from my blog readers.

How to Attract Traffic To Your Website

Website Traffic Generation Technique

Though I gave the response as much as I know and I wish to share with this blog post how to attract traffic to your website for free. Traffic is the soul and blood of websites of all sorts. The vision to run a successful website without traffic is just an illusion.

Feb 07

Key Features of Quality Website Contents That Sell

The article provides features of quality website contents that sell. Do your website contents have these important features? Make these features a check list next time you write contents for your website if your site hasn’t been getting the online juice that is inherent in quality contents.

Key Features of Quality Website Contents

The importance of quality contents to the success of your online business and marketing cannot be overemphasized. It builds your brand, reputation,  integrity and drive organic traffic to your website. Every effort you put in place to produce quality content worths it.

Jan 19

Google Publisher Plugin for Webmasters, WordPress Blogs


Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Google has just released Google Publisher Plugin. This new plugin by Google was officially released and designed to help Webmasters and bloggers who use WordPress to access its great products, Webmaster Tools and Google Adsense. This plugin is in  beta stage. As the event become unfold, it is expected that Google Publisher Plugin will be improved to its full usage with more features like Google plus and Google Analytics.

Jan 14

Web Hosting Guide: How to Choose Best Web Hosting Provider


Why do you need a reliable web hosting company for your website?

A good web hosting provider is essential to make functional website. Your website or blog is a convenient avenue to communicate with your existing and potential customers. The functionality of a blog largely depends on efficiency and performance of the website hosting company.

How to choose the best web hosting provider

It is therefore very vital to select a reliable web hosting provider, the reputation of which had been proven through several years of efficient operation and quality service.

Jan 03

Blogging Fortune: How to Start a Blog That Makes Money


How to Start a Blog That Makes Money?

Blogging is one of the marketing techniques in the internet world. In this article, I explain how to start a blog that makes money. Blog marketing is very common among the internet marketers. This is not only because blog is easier to set up but also for its inherent passive income generating power. How to start a blog that makes money Ask various internet marketers, they’ll have different success stories to tell you on how blogging has helped them in their chosen internet marketing model.

Dec 25

Website Contents: Web Traffic Sources for Internet Marketing Blogs


Why are quality website contents important for the success of your website?

Your internet marketing website needs good quality content to survive. Good quality website contents are a traffic vessel for your business blog.

Importance of Quality Website Contents to Internet Marketers

Creating a quality website contents that provide valuable information is the unfailing proven key to run successful internet marketing. Good useful content is a conservative way to build online business website to optimum income generating level. I belt it, if your top priority is circled around interesting and user engaging content for your website, you can’t go wrong.

Dec 23

Free WordPress Installation Tutorial Service via Softaculous

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) for publishing and blogging, fully featured with plugins and themes options to enhance its functionality. As you become more familiar with WordPress and its great features, you’ll discover that WordPress isn’t a tool for mere blog publishing but an easy platform to build feature-rich websites. Aside being a free software, WordPress features an attractive user-friendly interface. Did I mention this? WordPress is very easy to install. You don’t need to seek for professional WordPress installation service to have your WordPress blog set up.There are two methods to get WordPress installed:

Dec 10

How To Choose The Best Domain Registrar To Register Your Website Domain Name

Choosing Domain Name Registrars

Best Domain Name Registrar

Choosing a good domain name registrar is as good as selecting the best domain name for your business website. This article on how to choose a domain name registrar highlights some salient factors you need to consider when choosing a registrar for your blog or website domain. It is important you choose carefully; there are numbers of self-appraised reviews by series of domain name registrars on the internet. I believe this information will go a long way to help making the best decision on the domain name registrar to choose. Highlighted below are the major factors worth being noticed to choose  the best domain registrar: